Sunday, 17 May 2015

Jill - Youth Conference

Today Jill was one of the speakers in Sacrament Meeting. She spoke about the youth conference held a couple weeks ago. There were over 1000 youth that attended. Needless to say, she loved it. It was great to hear her take from the conference.

A friend of mine, Alysha, blogged about the conference here:

I am so grateful there are good things like this for our kids to do!

Worship with Music

I taught Relief Society today. I decided to teach a lesson on worship through music. 

I heard a story in the news recently. It was about a little boy in the states somewhere who was kidnapped. He sang Amazing Grace non-stop. The kidnappers told him to stop and he just wouldn't. Eventually they freed him because they couldn't stand it anymore. Is that one of the powers of music?

I also takes about the baptism yesterday.  Mechac and one of the Sister missionaries sang I Stand All
Amazed while Mechac's played it on the guitar. The Bishop said it was like when you wallk into a room and see your child touching. It moves you. I totally agreed.

I have had some really good experiences with music. I took piano lessons for years and really enjoyed it (strange....I know). I also got to sing in the Keith Wood chorus at institute. That was a life changing experience for me. I loved it.

Singing in the MTC was also amazing. The power of hundreds of missionaries singing together leaves an indelible impression on one's mind and heart.

So why is it such a big part of our services? Sometimes it seems like it is a filler. I don't think so though. It is much more than that. We had a good discussion in the class today about the ways that music can touch your heart and help you.

We talked about the power of music. In my mission, Gene R Cook gave a talk about drawing on the powers of heaven. One of the ways to do that is through music. As a result, we were a singing mission - and sing we matter how bad we were! It was a beautiful thing.

After the discussion I asked for volunteers to share their favorite hymn and why it was their favorite, and then we sang it. We ended up singing almost 10 hymns. I loved it. I hope the others there did too.

Zie's Baptism

Last night we went to a baptism for Mechac's friend, Zie. Today he was confirmed in sacrament meeting.

I was so impressed with this young man. He is very quiet. The feelings I had at the baptism and listening to his confirmation today were unique. My heart felt like it was glowing. I have no understanding of why I would feel this way. It was just a strong feeling of peace and admiration. I hope that he felt the same thing.