Saturday, 4 March 2017

From the Pool to the Air: Gains from Swimming

I read a great article where Michael Phelps was interviewed. He talked about visualisation and how it helped him stay focused and accomplish his goals.

When Jill was in Montreal doing her flight attendant training, some of the people in her group would get totally stressed out and unable to achieve what they wanted on their performance assessments and their written tests. I'm sure Jill's experiences with swimming helped her to focus on the moment and do what she needed to do.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Okay.....I will say it...I'm 50!

I'm 50!! 

I have been dreading this day. 50 just seems so old. 

Although, I prefer to tell people I'm closer to 40 than 30. 

Then my friend, Karen, posted this: 

I decided she was right. There is no sense feeling sheepish about being 50. While I'm not everything I want to be, and my life has room for much improvement, I will embrace 50 and continue on my quest.  Thanks for being a bright light, Karen!

I went to the office with Allen on Saturday. I haven't done that for years, thanks to Saturday swim practices....but I just might be in a place to turn over a new leaf. "They" say partnership makes all the difference. I'm excited to be more involved in our business.

After the office Allen and I went out for brunch to a beautiful restaurant. The ownership has changed, but it was still as good as ever. I totally recommend    ProvisionYYC. Great food! I had eggs benedict with mushrooms and kale. Allen had steak and eggs. I could do that every Saturday!

There is a bookstore right across the street called Shelf Life books. I loved how they have their children's books colour coded. :)
We spent a good hour or so there browsing and sharing great finds and laughing about dogs in the air. 

Tonight I got together with some friends. It was our regular dinner club get together, but they surprised me with a cake and a Fitbit!! I'm very excited about the Fitbit. In to my next decade of good health!

...but first, cake!! 


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Saturday Bliss


It's been a busy and productive day...and now for the best part #rereading #happinesschallenge2017 #oneandonlyivan