Monday, 29 August 2016

Dog Love and Summers End

Tomorrow is Family Orientation and so today was our true last day of summer. We eeked out one last lunch around the campfire. I also learned how to play bocce ball! 

#lovethesepeole #bestjobever

We are really loving having these dogs around. They are the nicest dogs! 

We introduced Chico slowly. He was really sure he didn't like them at first - but they listen well so when we tell them to sit they do and they don't chase after him. We were able to get them to give Chico space at first. Last night Chico was just mad about the whole thing. Everywhere I went he was right under my feet. He has lightened up and now even runs between their legs. Sometimes he gets tired of them. He just goes to his hide outs and all is well. It appears Chico is an introvert. He needs time lane to recharge :) Hopefully their relaxed nature will rub off on my anxiety-ridden dog.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Catching up

I think I have to quit writing the day number. It seems I messed up and I can't figure out where. Now I have missed a bunch of days.....I am not going to try to catch up. I will just continue on today. 

This has been a busy week. Going back to work is a big adjustment. I am really excited about this year though. I think it is going to be great. 

Today was stake conference and I was asked to speak. They gave me 8 minutes...hardly enough time to introduce myself! (Kidding...kind of) I really made an effort to prepare so that the message could be delivered as efficiently as possible. Not sure if I succeeded...but it's done. I was pretty nervous. I was glad to be asked though!

This also begins our change of time for church. Starting next week we have 9 am church. I am happy to go to church at 9 am mostly because it makes our Sunday more normal. I really struggle with meals when we have 9 am church. Everyone has breakfast. When we come home we eat. I figure that is good enough for the day, but others don't seem to agree. We end up having dinner too late and then I get to bed late. No more of that!

I often make bread on Sunday nights. Today we also made cinnamon buns. Yum!! 

Peirce is dog sitting for some friends. They are the nicest dogs!

It should be a fun week with them! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Day 230 Wind Storms

What is it about trees in our school's neighborhood? Today a big one across the street blew over. 

It was exhausted thinking about all the work there is to do this week, I think