Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Day 144 Great Day

So many great things to write about today. I could write about how excited my students were to get their caterpillars that we will watch turn into butterflies. Or how fun it was to discuss The Lightning Thief. Or about the hilarious kid who wants me to make a summer reading list for him...but he really wants adult books...preferably a series. Or the great book club meeting I went to tonight with my SIL. I learn so much hanging out with her! Or I could write about how we got our oven fixed. My husband looks after stuff!!

But let me tell yu about the dinner I made. I thought it was so fun. It totally seemed like something my Nana  Hyde would have made: 

Bacon, fried potatoes eggs and fried bread.....so delicious! Totally comfort food!!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 143 Grad Dress...check!

I have been working on Jill's grad dress. I figured I really needed to be finished today. I had hoped it wouldn't take as long as it did, but I had some problems along the way with zippers! I have never taken a zipper out so many times! In the end, it worked out quite well.

She looks beautiful in it. 

This is my favourite part....the beads in the waist of the skirt.

The light is bad in this photo. I will post better pictures later this week!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Day 142 Patriarchal Blessing

The long awaited day arrived. Jill has had a number of recommends to get her patriarchal blessing but just couldn't get herself to make the appointment. This week, she finally did it and today we met with Patriarch Smith and his wife. It was wonderful to see how prepared she was. The patriarch talked to her about the blessings the 12 sons of Jacb received in the Old Testament...she said she had just been reading that that morning and had comments about it. Her blessing was lovely and it was wonderful to see her clearly value it. 

Then there was Allen. Poor guy was so tired. The appointment was at 4:00....right during his Sunday nap time, which he clearly needed. I hadn't noticed him having trouble staying awake while we were initially visiting. I noticed during the blessing though....as soon as his eyes were closed the snoring started.  I tried to hold his hand and nudge him....but it was no use. My only consolation was I am pretty sure the patriarch and his wife's hearing may not be good enough to have heard him. Allen is a really poor sleeper...but when he's really tired, there's no stopping the nodding off.