Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Battle Plans

I'm such a nerd! I get excited about new notebooks and about ways to learn. I read a book this summer called Notice and Note. It is about sign posts to look for when you are reading...ways to work in close reading. I am going to try it out in my Battle of the Books team. Can't wait!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Bathroom Woes

Ever since schoo started there have been bathroom problems at our school. Now and then they have to close the boys. Then the girls. Sometimes the teachers bathroom too. Last week we had a day where no bathroom were usable and we had to go across the street to another school. The next day school was cancelled while they were working on the problem. As of Monday, we have no bathrooms or water. Instead, we have outhouses and a construction crew! 

I was totally stressed about it before  came in on Monday. It is going to be ok. Today at least was better than yesterday. Onward!!

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Today I got to play the piano in primary. They learned a song that was by President Hinckley about prayer:

Never forget to pray. 
Don't ever forget to pray. 
Kneel down every night and morning. 
Don't ever forget 
Don't ever forget
Don't ever forget to pray. 

This is the story behind it that I found online: At a meeting with the Primary General Board and President Hinckley, the General Primary President asked if there was a message President Hinckley wanted to share with the children of the church and he said, “Yes, tell them don’t ever forget to pray.” A member of the board was thinking about this council as she drove home from the meeting and a melody came to her. She stopped and jotted it down and the results are this song.  So it is a current message from our prophet to the Primary children.

It is a great message. I am humbled at how even though I am not perfect at always remembering to pray morning and night, he still answers my prayers. If been praying for Uncle Allen with his work. We have experienced the windows from heaven opening up! It is a great blessing. His business will really grow because of all of this. 

I also pray every day for my students. I have a bit of a challenging class this year. They are good kids. Some of them having some learning difficulties that stump me.  I don't have a lot f answers yet but I have really been aware of how I have been blessed with a real feeling of love for and patience with these kids. 

When I was a missionary I took great comfort in knowing people were praying for missionaries all the time. I hope you are feeling that strength. We are praying for to you!