Monday, 29 September 2014

Twice a Days +

Well, we are back it. Morning swims and after school swim is the schedule with Jill. She woke up this morning giddy and excited. Totally wears me out. Good thing I just have to drive.

Actually, today was a super workout day for Jill. Two hours of swimming in the morning, then sports pro for an hour and a half, then two hours of swimming/dry land in the evening. That is five hours of working out!

I packed her an extra sandwich. I'm a good mom like that.

There will be no problems going to sleep early tonight! 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Apple Sauce!

Lots going on today. In between swim practices and the football game I got some applesauce made. This little press is an amazing thing!! I borrowed it from a lady at church. I think I need to get one. You can make amazing applesauce with even the smallest crab apples! It separates all the seeds and skin and core and you just get the sauce. I have always thought I should ask people in our neighbourhood if I could pick their trees. So many of them just bag up the apples and throw them out. Next year I will!!

They weren't very big apples. I just quartered them. I didn't try to core them at all.

Boil them to soften the apples.

Put it through the press.

Beautiful applesauce!!

I froze some and processed some. I will use it for baking....but it is delicious enough to just eat by itself too. Love it!!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Life is Hard

Tomorrow is a new day
As long as we show love
Beauty will reign supreme
Beginnings will present themselves
You will conquer

Keeping faith
Always shows that
You will
Live strong
And rise from the challenges

I just finished reading Awake and Dreaming. Breaks my heart.