Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Summer Vacation Day 18/54 Kids Are Cooking!

We have a new thing going on in our house. Jill and Peirce are each in charge of dinner one day of the week. Today was Jill's turn. She made fish tacos and they were so good! I figured I'd give them $20 to buy what they need for dinner. She totally went over budget, but it was worth it. 
Peirce did a photoshoot with the sister of one of his friends. Lots of great photos!

And of course, he had to go to Village to start spending his money. Ice cream is always so tempting!

Jill is working at Village tonight as well. Maybe she'll bring something good home!
This morning she and Shaniah went out for breakfast together. Shaniah used to live around the corner from us but her family moved away a few years ago. Jill and Shaniah have continued their friendship and they really are two peas in a pod. They love to go for breakfast and today they found a place serving 99 cent grand slams!

I did a few mystery shops today: a gas station, a comic book store and a dry cleaners. Good day!

Tonight we bought Peirce some new fish. He is loving his fish tank. Interestingly, the boy who sold us the fish was a classmate of Jill's. She went from Kindergarten all the way through high school with him. We named one of the fish Jared in his honor.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Summer Vacation Day 17/54 Day 400!

This is how I'd like to be spending my days: like Chico does!! He is loving the sun and having the screen door open all the time. Life is good!

Today was my 400th day in a row exercising. I don't think I'll ever stop this streak. Starting over again would really suck, that is for sure!

It's time for me to get a new phone and I found a mystery shopping company doing mystery shops for the kind of phone I'm thinking of getting! Today I did a few of those shops. Interesting stuff!

Summer Vacation Day 16/54 Gratitude Talk

No pictures today. I stayed up way too late last night preparing for my talk today. My topic was: How does gratitude strengthen my relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

When it was my turn to speak, I turned to the clock and was a little surprised to see I had just over 30 minutes.

No problem! I can talk, that's for sure. :)

Reviews were good.

I enjoyed giving it too.

Tonight, when I should have been going to bed, we decided to go downtown and see the last night of fireworks. We parked in Ramsey and then walked up this incredibly steep hill. Oh my hamstrings! It totally winded me to go up that hill - but I recover quickly.

And the fireworks were great!

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