Saturday, 31 July 2010

A New Perspective

Last week I got the dubious pleasure of having an evaluation done on my work performance. It wasn't a great experience. They said some nice things - and it was interesting to me how I could only focus on the things they weren't as happy with. It really put me in a funk.

I decided that I needed to do something to pick myself up - so I listened to some talks from BYU Broadcasting. I love that website! It was such a good reminder of what really matters. It's good to get an eternal perspective on things when we're feeling down in the dumps!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Where is our summer going?!

Time is flying by!! Summer seems to be in superspeed.

The first week of summer the kids got to go to Grandma Camp. What a good time they had!! I'm so grateful my mom does this Grandma Camp. She takes all the grandkids for a week and they have a great time and create some great memories. I wish I could post some pictures - but no parents are allowed - so I don't have any to post. Grandma camp. We all love it!!

....well, I did steal a couple pictures from Taylor's facebook page. Here they are swimming. I'm not sure I like seeing my little boy jump off that high diving board!

The next week Jill got to go to BeeHive Camp. That was a big hit! She is so excited to be a BeeHive that she glows when she talks about it. And since coming home she hasn't stopped singing and talking about it. The songs come out all the time! Imagine....60 beehives. What a good time they had!There she goes!! No looking back! Just like Jill does everything in life!

The next week we had a Hyde Family Reunion. It was in Mountain View at the Payne Lake Lodge. What a great place for a family reunion! It was wonderful. Jill's favorite part was the boats! Peirce's favorite part was non-stop play time with cousins. It was a great time!

This week we don't have anything scheduled. Imagine?! Could we already be at the dog days of summer?? Nah!! We have Park and Play, bike rides, dog walks, lemon aid stands, the library's summer reading program, and much more to fill our time. In only 22 days I go to Teacher Orientation! Ack!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Recipe for Tiring Out a Boy

1. Just before lunch go for a 10 km bike ride

2. Just before dinner go for a 5 km walk (sweetened with a stop at the Dollar Store)

3. Just before bed have him clean up the family room with you.

Suddenly, he'll be so tired that he won't be able to do a thing! He'll go upstairs, brush his teeth and get into bed....and not come out even once

(Only problem is I have bike and walk with him! Oh well! It's a small price to pay!)

Secrets of Greatness (by the Editors of Fortune Magazine)

I used to not let people know that I enjoyed reading books like this. I'm not afraid anymore though :0) I love books like this!

The first few chapters of the book were stories of people that have started great businesses: like American Doll, or Dell Computers or Staples! I never realized Staples was an idea of one guy who decided to take a chance and start a company.

It was a great read. Quite inspiring! The last half of the book is tips on business from different companies and people. I didn't get quite as much out of that part. I like the stories better.

Friday, 2 July 2010

All About Peirce

Peirce made a poster at school that is all about him. I thought it was so cute! I figured the best way to keep it as a memory was to blog it. Enjoy!

It was on a huge poster size paper with flaps and pictures and drawings and such all over it. Here are some close ups of the different sections:

These are his interests: