Sunday, 25 February 2007

Size 12?!

Today when I was getting ready for church I was having trouble figuring out what to wear so I pulled some clothes down off the top shelf of the closet and tried a few things on. I put a blouse on that was too small before and today it fit perfectly! It was so cute too! I was marveling at myself in the mirror and asked Allen to check the tag and tell me what size it was...and he said it said '12' on it.

The funny thing is - I thought he was lying! I seriously wore that blouse all day and figured it couldn't really be a 12. Then when I changed out of my church clothes I looked and sure enough - it was a 12!

I think I must be one of those people who loses weight and doesn't see it in the mirror. I still have 1X shirts I'm wearing! I guess it's time to get rid of those so I can really start believing that I've lost weight - and that my body really has changed.

Friday, 23 February 2007

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Ackroyd Family Is Growing!

Yup! That's for sure!

We got a dog tonight!

I'd post a picture - but my camera battery seems to be dead.

The dog is a chihuahua. He's soooo tiny!! He's all white with little brown spots over his ears and he has a black patch over his eye. I think we should name him Patch but the rest of the family is opting for Spike (I know...dumb)

And don't tell anyone....but I think I could like this dog.

The whole thing reminded me of how mom says they ended up buying the motel in Kelowna. My dad wanted to do it for quite a while but mom was holding back. When she finally decided maybe it would be okay to venture into that business everything fell into place lickety split.

My family has been lobbying for a dog for YEARS. As a matter of fact, Allen has been lobbying for a dog since we got married. I always told him that when we had a baby we could get a dog. Well, I've put it off for 8 years now....and so now I finally lived up to my end of the deal. :0) Allen was telling me today that we had some extra money and what should we do with it. I brought up that perhaps we should get a dog. Within the hour he had found one and right after dinner he and Jill left to go pick it up. Silly me.

My favorite quote of the day on this topic came from Jill. Allen said when they were driving home Jill said, "What are we going to talk about now?" "What do you mean, Jill?" Allen says. "Well," responds Jill, "we've been talking about getting a dog for so long and we talk about it all the time - now that we have one we can't talk about that anymore!"

LOL Somehow I don't think that'll be a problem.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Being on the diet I've been on for the past few months has been really interesting. I think I've learned more about myself and food than any other time in my life...and I've had more success!

I've really learned what a difference sugar (or perhaps better said, no sugar!) makes! This diet is all based on keeping you in ketosis. Each time you visit the clinic, the nurse checks your urine for ketones. Generally, the higher the concentration of ketones, the better (since it means you're burning more fat). I have found being in ketosis quite amazing - I just don't feel hungry! I'm happy with salads and tuna and egg whites and other things that seem quite unsatisfying most days. However, when I'm in ketosis I like that stuff!

I've learned that sugar knocks me out of ketosis faster than anything. So do carbs. Things I cannot eat if I want to stay in ketosis are things like popcorn, potatoes, rice, and of course, sugary snacks...all the things I love!! I also have to limit breads. Two servings a day of bread is about it! (Oh the pain!)

However, I'm finding it's quite worth it. If I can stay in ketosis I lose weight quite quickly. This month I've been in and out of ketosis thanks to birthday parties, weekends away, Valentine's Day and our Anniversary. But that is all finished now...and I'm on to great ketosis moments. I have found that the benefits I experience while in ketosis as I try to lose weight are that my weight loss is quicker, I am not hungry and don't have cravings the same, I'm in a better mood, and I have much more energy. The doctor says that as long as protein intake is adequate you do not lose lean muscle mass losing weight when you stay in ketosis.

I've decided that this might be a life-long pursuit - that is, the avoidance of sugar. I've just got some good books out from the library on this topic. I'm hoping to bring my family along on this sugar-free journey. So far they're not that interested.

But that's okay, it's all good! I feel like I'm ready to get on a good weight loss roll again! Here's to losing!

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary. 13 years! Wow! I can't believe we've been married for that long. Then again, sometimes it seems like it's just always been this way!

Here's a picture of us on our wedding day. Weren't we just cute? LOL Allen had braces then...and my hair was naturally very curly. Now he has straight teeth and I have straight hair.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Tonight for Valentine's Day Allen got a babysitter and we went out for dinner to Joey Tomatoes. It was just him and I....and the guy from one of the mutual fund companies that he does a lot of business with. I think the MF guy forgot that it was Valentine's Day. LOL We had a lot of fun though...and what the heck...I'll take a free dinner anytime! (hee hee)

A Tale From Peru

Today we had a lot of fun watching all the kids in Jill's school perform at an Artist in Residence celebration. They've had an artist named Debra Geibelhouse-Maloney working with the students. She is an AMAZING musician and teacher. I almost felt like crying watching some of the things the kids did in their performances! (But then, I'm kind of weird that way) :0)

In Jill's grade they study a bunch of different countries in Social Studies and compare life in those countries to life in Canada. One thing they've learned is that many countries have similar 'tales'...and the one they talked about today was the story of the flood. They did a story put to music called How the Llama Saved the People in Peru From the Flood.

Just in case you can't figure out what the narrator is saying or the kids are singing, here's a little summary of the story:

Intro - Introduction of Llamas and Owners

Song 1- Hey Mr. Llama - the llama is sad and so the owner is trying to find out what the problem is

Song 2 - The Flood! The llama lets the owner know that a flood is coming.

Song 2 - Really, Are You Sure? (Owners response to the Llama saying that a flood is on its way)

Song 3 Climb Climb Climb - They climb up to the top of some mountain in Peru (whose name escapes me now!) to stay safe in the flood

Song 4 - Hello And How Are You Today - They meet a lot of new creatures along the way and are saying hello to them

Song 5 - The Storm (i.e. the flood)

Song 6 - Down Down Down Down - They climb down the mountain to see what changes have happened

Song 7 - A Tale From we've told it to you!
....and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Llama saved the people in Peru from the flood!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Peirce's New Bed

Well, we've survived a major event in our marriage - the putting together of another piece of furniture. It was rough....but we finally got it done!

This is us working on getting the bed together. You can tell from the lack of "glee" on everyone's face that this wasn't the biggest party we've ever had as a family. Things just weren't working well. We finally realized we were missing some pieces. It took a day to figure that out...and then another day to find time to brave the brutal roads and head down to IKEA to get what we needed. Thank goodness Allen was the hero and got the job done!

Taaa dummm!!! Tonight Peirce and Jill are having a "sleepover" in Peirce's room to celebrate

This picture gives you a better idea of how high his bed is. He's pretty excited about having his own private little play place under the bed. :0) We still need to do a little adjusting of posters and things...but we got the bed together!

Saturday, 10 February 2007


Today has been an interesting day. I was happy to be able to sleep in a little. I was surprised how exhausted I was after the Sweetheart's Ball last night!

I had registered our kids for two programs at the library today. One was with David Thiaw (prounced Chow). We had an introduction to him previously when he did an artist in residence program at Jill's school. He is a master percussionist, an engaging storyteller, singer musician, composer, teacher, linguist and recently, an author.

The program was for children aged 5 and up (Peirce is 5 in less than 2 months) The person who called the other day to confirm that we were going to be there said it would be okay if I brought Peirce. Her words were, "The more the merrier!" The two "librarian-guards" at the door today didn't seem to agree and were very snarky with me telling me that it isn't appropriate for anyone under 5...but I ignored them and went on in with Peirce. (Sometimes I can't stand the 'rules are the rules and we shall obey the rules!' that seems so prelevant amongst librarians) I'm glad I went with my instincts because Peirce really enjoyed it. We bought one of his recordings and when we were listening to it in the van Peirce asked why we were listening to this when we just heard those stories. He told African folk tales. He talked a lot about how everyone on the earth is really the same and how we need to solve our differences peacefully. It was really terrific! He speaks with such a calm and peaceful voice...and then suddenly starts drumming and making so much noise that it is a stark contrast!

We had some lunch and then went to the next program - a puppet show on bullying called Puppets for Peace. It was terrific. Watching the program really got me to thinking how fun it would be to use puppets to teach kids in primary. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I'd like to do a summer camp or maybe a Spring Break program where there are activities and games all to do with the Book of Mormon. I'm just not sure where I'd find the time to put it together. I haven't mentioned the idea to Allen because I know he'd say right away that I don't have time for it - and he's right...but I sure would like to do it!
After watching this puppet show we've had a few spats at home (it's a daily occurence in our family) and it's been interesting to hear Jill and Peirce both say things they heard in this puppet show. It's so wonderful to see them learn how to get along and solve their differences!
So the common theme today seemed to be peace. It was almost as good as going to a yoga class! I love this feeling. I need to get my life together a little more so that I can find a little time every day to focus on the peaceful things in life. I love that feeling that comes with it.

Sweetheart's Ball

Tonight Allen and I went to the Sweetheart's ball that our stake puts on. They've been doing this for a number of years but we have never gone until now. Even this year we didn't go because we wanted to go so badly. I just felt like as the Activities Committee Chair I should try and support the stake activities. Well, let me tell you, we were pleasantly surprised! First off, I was astounded at the number of peace that attended! Who knew??! We had dinner and then Brandon Oberhammer's Big Band played. There were really good! I had visions of people dancing in couples to swing music all night long - but it wasn't like that. They played quite a lot of songs that I was very familiar with. We had a great time visiting with friends and dancing up a storm together. I really enjoy dancing with Allen. It was a ton of fun! Not only that, after some crazy dancing with a bunch of other friends from the ward I think I've found some good potential "talent" ideas for our upcoming ward talent show! Nothing like a bunch of RS women lip-synching to 'It's Raining Men' or some Pointer Sisters song! LOL

...then to top it off, when we came home to our babysitter who was babysitting for the first time I discovered he had cleaned up toys and just generally tidied up the family room! It's been so long since we've had a babysitter do that! Yea!! That boy will get to baby sit again!

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Running in Circles

Ever have one of those days where you run as fast as you can, but you just don't seem to get anywhere? Today was one of those days.

I almost didn't go to the gym this morning - but then I decided it was probably what I needed most - and so I made myself get out the door. And it was true - it was just what I needed.

While I was exercising I decided that my problem was I felt like I had too much work pressing down on me today - so I resolved to go home and do some intensive phoning and scheduling of shops so that I could feel like I wasn't behind the 8-ball. Well, those ambitions got thwarted as I went to leave the gym and couldn't find my coat. Someone had taken my coat! The biggest problem was that my keys were in the pocket of my coat - and so I couldn't even go home. I called Allen but he wasn't answering his cell phone and he wasn't in the office (turned out he had gone to Didsbury and his cell phone was dead). After about 30 minutes of trying to decide what to do a lady showed up with my coat. She had taken it by mistake.

So I hurried home ready to get back on track. Only, one of the emails I read first was from my manager saying I had posted some shops incorrectly. I checked into it and sure enough she was right. Unfortunately I then had to spend the next four hours fixing that I didn't get to do any phoning and still felt behind. Not only that - while I was spending all that time fixing up my mistake the emails came pouring in. Tonight I sat down to get caught up once the kids were in bed at 8:00 - and it has taken me until 1:00 am to get through all the emails.

Some days are just like that I guess!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Monday, 5 February 2007


This past weekend we went to Edmonton. It was a really fun weekend. We stayed at the Wingate hotel - which is close to West Edmonton Mall. We got to Edmonton at about 4:00 on Saturday and quickly unloaded all our stuff into the hotel room and headed off to the waterpark at the mall. After getting over the shock of how much it cost to get in the place I had a great time ($80 for a family of 4....although they did give us a discount (less than $1) since it was only 2 hours until closing time). Jill really loves to play in the water. She jumps into the waves, does hand stands, and loves getting tossed around. Peirce wasn't quite so sure about all that and about ripped my head off trying to get up in safe territory away from the waves. We got him a tube to ride on and that was a little better - that is, once he learned to relax and just ride the waves. We rode on lots of slides and had a good time with that. Allen and Jill went on the corkscrew - which was really fun to watch. It's like a big toilet! You get dumped out the bottom of this funnel into a deep pool. Peirce and I were happy to ride on the more tame rides - and Jill and Allen lived it up on the more treacherous ones.

After we finished we got a bite to eat and then did a little shopping (although not quite enough for Jill's tastes) By 8:00 we were back in the hotel room and I was totally exhausted! The kids seemed to have a little more stamina - but they did finally relent and go to sleep. Allen made a quick run over to Uncle Bob's house to deliver a blessing outfit to his parents and I stayed and read. I read two books this weekend by Nicholas Sparks - Love at First Sight and The Notebook. I thoroughly enjoyed both.

Sunday we got up and did some swimming in the hotel. They had a waterslide in the hotel - and it was about perfect for Peirce. Jill got her nose out of joint a bit as some girls about her age decided they really liked Peirce and only wanted to play with him. Suddenly she was very interested in playing with him. LOL

We checked out by 11:00 and Church was at 1:00 so we had a little time to go have a good lunch. In Sacrament Meeting Peirce fell asleep within 5 minutes of us sitting down - which was a good thing! Virginia and Andy blessed their baby - which was the real reason for our trip to Edmonton. It was fun to see everyone and great to hold little Jeremy. Jill especially loved holding him. She's just dying to have a baby in our family. Nana Ackroyd gave her a lecture about how if we do have another baby she has to promise to be a big helper because having a baby is a lot of work. She's got that right! :0)

The roads home were terrible. If we had known they were going to be like that we probably would have come home the next day. All the way from Edmonton to Red Deer we were tense and nervous. However, after Red Deer it was just fine.

As much as it is fun to go away, I sure enjoy getting home!

Friday, 2 February 2007

Week 2 Report

Well, today was the day. I was so happy when I stepped on those scales and ventured a peek at the numbers....I was down 3 pound since Wednesday!! Yea!! I met my mini-goal! I have lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks.

Success is very motivating for me. I'm starting to think I COULD really reach my goal weight!

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Jill Stomps

Jill's class at school prepared some entertainment for an assembly. It was quite fun. This video is of them doing an Orff type version of Stomp with basketballs. Jill is wearing an orange shirt and she is just to the right of the banner on the wall. (If you squint you can figure out that that is her) LOL

Having tried to do this kind of thing before with kids, I can tell you, it's impressive! I'm in awe at how a teacher could get these kids to pull this off! When I tried these kinds of things there was mostly chaos...actually, I think chaos was my specialty when I was teaching. LOL Clearly Jill's teacher has the chaos thing under control.

Sorry the video is blurry. This was my first attempt at doing this. I'll get better!