Sunday, 31 May 2009

What My Children Are Reading

It's hard to say when a child is really a reader. I think there are steps all along the way that can be called reading...but I sure love it when they get to the step where they'll read to you with expression and when they seem to love it!

I don't often tell Peirce it's bedtime. At 7:30 it's story time....and then at 8:00 he goes to sleep. I find it all goes better if we just don't say the word 'bedtime'. Storytime is met with smiles much more often!

Last night we were late for storytime and sometimes when that happens we don't make time for stories. Last night I was tempted, but so glad I didn't just make Peirce go to sleep. When it came time for storytime he said he wanted to read storie to me. He read The Foot Book (Dr Seuss) and the Barnyard Dance (Sandra Boynton) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle) and I was so thrilled!! Every morning we read the Book of Mormon together and I knew he was getting better at reading - but I was really surprised when he read me those books out loud. In the middle of one of them he said, "I think I finally get why Jill likes reading so much."


I really love the topic of reading. I often read a blog called The Well Read Child. She posted an idea of blogging each week about what her kids are reading, and I thought I'd do the same!

Peirce and I have been reading All About Sam. We read a chapter here and there but we're having a hard time getting to the end. He likes to choose picture books often and so All About Sam gets pushed aside for a while. One day we'll get to the end!

Jill just finished Alice in Wonderland. She picked up a beautiful big version of the story from the library and spent last weekend reading it. I'm surprised at the number of times she's referred to it this week. I really should read it again. Right now she is reading Tuck Everlasting.

I talked with the vice-principal the other day about the idea of doing a parent-child book club. She seemed to like the idea and so I've got to put a proposal together and see if they'll go for it. I figure the Parent Council can really be the sponsors of it, but the administration has to approve it. She mentioned doing it at lunch time, but I'd rather do it in the evening. We'll see how that goes!! I probably shouldn't take another thing on right now, but I love the idea of being involved in this, so I'm going to do it. I hope it works out well!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Semi Annual Fun Meet!

This week was the I Can Swim Fun Meet. Peirce LOVES to race. He did a great job!
That's a triumphant face!

This picture is from another meet. Peirce and his friend Jackson specialize in terrorizing everyone at the pool while their sisters race. They have a great time together. They're in the same level of swimming and they're both in French Immersion...and they both love to have a good time!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Outdoor School

This week Jill went to Outdoor School. Peirce sure missed her! This is a video of Jill seeing the heart attack, courtesy of Peirce.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Peirce's class performed in an assembly today. Don't ya' just wanted to kiss that cute face?!

Here's a poem in English:

And here's one in French:

Sunday, 10 May 2009


I got a new calling today! Well, truthfully I got it a few weeks ago but have been waiting to be sustained. Today was the day. I've been asked to serve as the Primary President. That should be interesting - since I've never had a primary calling!! Well, that's not exactly true. When we were first married we were called to the nusery. And when I was just out of high school I was the music director in primary for six months. That's about it. Now I get to learn a lot about primary! I'm quite excited.

And on that's a great quote on children:

When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is,and respect for what he may become.-Louis Pasteur

May we always keep that in mind!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Just Dreaming of Some What If's......

I have this real desire to become an expert at something. But what??!! I don't know. I don't even really know why I want to do this. I just do!

Recently Allen read a book called Outliers. The author says that it takes 10,000 hours of concerted effort to master a cognitively complex activity (like composing, or engineering, or writing).

Cool!! So if I want to become amazing I just have to put in 10,000 hours.

Then I found out how long that would take:

10,000 hours =

27 hours a day for one year
13 hours a day for two years
9 hours a day for three years
6.8 hours a day for four years
5.4 hours a day for five years
2.7 hours a day for ten years
And that’s if you’re working seven days a week.


18 months

This week I watched an Oprah show about the little girl from England that has now been missing for two years: Madeleine McCann. The picture above is her when she went missing, and then an expert's idea of what she looks like now, two years later. It broke my heart to listen to the interview. I sure hope and pray that they are reunited one day soon with their little Madeleine.
I understand a little bit of having to be without your child. However, as I watched the show it struck me how sad it must be to not know where your child is. I am so grateful to know right where Destiny is and that I will see her again one day. She would have been 18 months old today and ready to start nursery this Sunday. In many ways it seems like forever ago. I wonder if that is how the McCann family feels.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Might As Well Laugh About It Now (Marie Osmond)

I watched the Donny and Marie show when I was growing up and enjoy it - but I can't say I was ever a huge Osmond fan....not the "I'll pay anything to see them and scream when I go to their concert" type fan. I was even a little embarrassed to get the book out of the library but somehow I felt compelled to read her new book. I'm so glad I did!

I was really impressed by her subtle ability to share her beliefs and throw in the typical LDS phrases so comfortably. I was touched by the experiences she shared and was entertained by her humor.

My favorite stories were ones involving children. Just at the start of her stint on Dancing With the Stars she said she was so sore she seriously could not move. She lay on her bed with an aspirin, wondering how she could get some water, when one of her sons walked by the room. She asked him if he'd get some water for her and he responded that he couldn't because his hands were full. She patted the bed and asked him to just put the stuff down and be a love and help her out. He quickly complied and while he was in the bathroom she realized his hands had been holding a pet snake which was now on her bed. ARGH!!! I can think of nothing worse!! She had a good sense of humor about it though.

I learned a few interesting things too. I had no idea that Donny and Marie were the youngest hosts of a show, and that they set so many records. I also didn't know that Marie turned down the role of Sandy in Grease. Talk about a great story of no regrets! It was fascinating to read how she struggled with her own self-image and how real she is. She has a busy and successful life but she really did come across as very down to earth in this book.

The book ends with a story of a little niece born in 1981 to her brother Tom. The baby only lived a very short time because she was born without a skull and her brain was severely damaged. Marie knew she had to be there to meet this little girl even though it was terribly impractical and quite difficult to get there. Her explanation of how we exist before we come to earth, how we make promises to each other, and how thin the veil is brought tears to my eyes. She intertwines this story with the story of losing her mother on Mother's day in 2004. It is beautiful.

This book made me want to be a little better, stand a little taller, and smile at life more often. I thought it was quite well written and I'd easily recommend it! I wish more books left me with such a good feeling.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Seven

1. I'm grateful for Sundays! I seem to work a lot. I appreciate being able to have a flexible schedule so I can do the things I want to do for myself and with my family - but I sure am grateful when Sunday comes around and I don't even have to turn on my laptop. I love going to church. I love the people in our ward. I love going to Gospel Doctrine and learning from our amazing teacher.

2. I'm grateful for Provident Pantry and for the Provident Lifestyle Co-op! I've learned so much from the workshops our stake has put on. We have new things we're eating and we have a good start on a significant food storage. It's an on-going pursuit that I suppose never ends. I'm grateful to be on the road to having a year's supply.

3. I'm grateful for choir (again). Last week we sang in the presentation our stake did. They called it "Be Still". The song has been going through my head for days. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of the choir!

4. I'm grateful for the new friends I have at J&P's swim club. I spend a lot of time with those parents! They're all really great people.

5. I'm grateful for my job with GfK. I have been a little overwhelmed with work the past month - but I'm grateful to have the job. I'm grateful for how well organized they are. I'm grateful for how understanding they are. I'm grateful they pay me!

6. I'm grateful for the beautiful weather! This seemed like the winter that was never going to end...but this weekend the weather has been wonderful! I love the feeling of warmth!

7. I'm grateful to have figured out how to fix our computer rather than having to buy a new one!

The Best Computer Deal!

I got myself a new computer today. Well, sort of.
Isn't that gross? That isn't even the worst part.

Fly Lady would be horrified with me. Did you know you should clean the inside of your computer? I didn't. I've never done it. Today our computer closed down two times and gave us some message about how there was a thermal issue. I did a little googling on a different computer and ended up deciding to take the advice to clean it out. I couldn't believe the dust in there! It wasn't even was most like felt!

Apparently you should do that every six months for most computers - and every two months if your computer sits on the floor. Harumph!!

....and man, is our computer quiet now!! You should try it. I totally recommend it.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Wednesday night we were driving home from downtown and we drove down the street where we went to the protest rally. Jill said to me, "Mom, I want to go to one of those things again where you make signs and hold them and yell."

hee hee

....what am I creating here? Not sure if I should be concerned or not!