Monday, 16 February 2015

Family Day at the Glenbow

The kids and I spent the day today at The Glenbow Museum. It was a great day!

The first exhibit we went to was a contemporary art exhibit. I am not sure my contemporary art appreciation skills are up to snuff. We had no idea what this was. Wax stalagmites?

There were random arrows stuck in walls, a coin in the corners, and some of what I would call, less than stellar drawings. I was impressed by the l'acadie representative picture though. That is an amazing story. I read a great book on it a while ago.

A porceline pig! ....there must be a good porceline pig quote to insert here.....hmmmmm. Behind it there was a climbing structure made with porceline bones with the same pattern as on the pig. 
I know. 
No, I don't know.

More contemporary art...a video of people arguing. I think it was entitled eavesdropping or something like that (check out Jill's great braid!)

They're so cute

This was from the exhibit about the Kingston Penitentary (or was it the Lethbridge exhibit? Ha ha!)

My favorite...Alberta women who led the suffrage movement. Not sure what the display was....home being strewn awry?

The map on the wall was cool...before Confederation?

Then of course, one has to stroll down Stephen Avenue and enjoy some hot chocolate.

And if that isn't enough...Starbucks too.

All in all, it was a great day.

Scout 2day Winter Camp

 Can't think of anything I would probably enjoy less than camping in the winter - but these boys LOVE it! We are really lucky to have such a great scouting program in our ward.

Kevin Fleming, Carter S, Brennan T, Riley D, Peirce, Tyler Stanford