Sunday, 30 September 2007

Silent Partner

I don't get to do this too often - but today I spent all afternoon reading. I read Silent Partner - a Memoir of My Marriage by Dina Mator McGreevey. It's a true and sad story of a bright and beautiful woman who marries a politician who turns out to have a secret life. Maybe it's the worldly fascination with the famous (he was the Governor of NY) or my carnal curiousities for the indecent side of life that is out there - but it was fascinating to me. I personally wasn't too surprised that she didn't suspect anything of her husband. Who would! However, I was amazed at his ability to keep so much secret from her - that is, until it all unravelled and caused him to lose his political power and his marriage. Her husband has also written a book. I don't think I'll read that one though. His book is called The Confession

Friday, 14 September 2007

Who knew?!

The tooth fairy came last night. But apparently the new tradition is that there's a cup left by the bed. The toothfairy dips her wing in the cup and it turns the color of the fairy. Our toothfairy didn't do it though (who knew?!)....and in the morning the water was gone!

I never heard of that tradition before. I think daddy drank the water.

Thursday, 13 September 2007


It finally happened! Peirce has been waiting FOREVER to lose a tooth. He's had a loose tooth for a while. When he got off the bus today he said, "Mom! The best thing happened today! My friend hit my in the face with her coat and it knocked my tooth out!" He went on to explain that it was an accident and he was so glad that it happened. What a crazy guy.

Everywhere we've gone today he's told people that he lost a tooth. It brought a smile to many faces!

Out of the mouths of my babes...

Overheard in our kitchen this morning:

Mom: Peirce would you please go get a hairbrush so I can help you with your turkey tail?

Peirce (as he stomps up the stairs): Mom! I'm tired of getting things for you. Get it yourself! You're a big mommy!


Wednesday, 12 September 2007

What the....??!!!

This summer I cut big pieces of cardboard to put in our kids windows at night so that the sun wouldn't wake them up at 5:00 am. Today they found a new use for them!! Allen and I woke up to screeching and gales of laughter. This is what we found: They call it Stair Sledding!!

Jill was too chicken. This is a 'No! You do it' shot.

Even Chico can do it!! (Poor Chico) If you click on the picture you get an enlarged version of the picture. Notice how Chico's poor little paws have his toes totally spread out in an effort to hold on for dear life!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year!!

All good things must come to an end...and so it is with summer. Today was the first day of school...a much anticipated day by everyone in our family!

Jill was especially nervous that she is in Grade Four now. She is no longer one of the little kids now that she's officially in Division II.

Peirce has been waiting to go to school his whole life. Watching Jill go on the bus every day was painful, to say the least. There was no way he wasn't going on the bus today so we put them on the bus and then met them at the school.

Peirce was one of the first to arrive in his class. For sure it's going to be a great day!

Sunday, 2 September 2007


We went to a wedding this weekend that was SO fun! When I told the kids we were going to Lethbridge there were loud cheers....then I said we were going there for a wedding and the grumbling started. I told them though that this wasn't going to be like most weddings - it was a cowboy wedding. "Can we wear jeans?" Sure! "Can we wear runners?" Yup! ....and the cheering started all over again. They weren't disappointed with the whole event either.

Allen's cousin, Karen Tolman, got married to Randy Kramer. They got married at Fort Whoop Up in Lethbridge. Karen didn't walk down the aisle - she came in on a horse! I think it kind of stressed poor Uncle Grant out - not that she was riding a horse..but that he had this saddled horse that he didn't really know and every kid wanted to sit on and ride and pet the darn thing. He was nervous about someone getting hurt....and the kids were very eager to check it out. The horse was just fine for Karen though! She came in and went down the aisle without any problems.

The parents had a great time visiting with everyone and the kids found LOTS to do!

The best part was the candy cannon! Some people hand out wedding favors at the end of the night....but at a cowboy wedding a candy cannon makes much more sense!! The cannon was made by Karen's friend and used real gun powder!

Run!! Get all you can!!

We had a TERRIFIC time! Thanks Karen and Randy!!