Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Stupor of Thought

One of my favorite things is to watch my kids learn about having a relationship with God.

Today I had a nap. Just Jill was home. When I woke up Chico was nowhere to be found - and the sliding door was open. Jill hadn't seen him for quite a while so I told her she better get outside and start looking for him. I really didn't think he'd run away - but we sure couldn't find him! I called Allen on his cell phone to see if he had perhaps taken Chico with him - and sure enough he had. Jill was still gone searching though. Finally after about half an hour she came home and was very sad. She said she had prayed about where to go and just couldn't figure out where to go to find him, so she came home. I told her that Dad had him and she was very relieved. We had a great discussion about how to know what the spirit is trying to tell you. Sometimes it's not too easy! No wonder she couldn't figure out where to go after praying about it - there was nowhere to go!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Also Known As: Flip!!

We have a new name for Peirce: Flip!

Peirce has been going to a gymnastics camp this week. Loads of fun!! Jill has plans to be an olympic swimmer. Peirce has decided he's going to the Olympics too - as a gymnast. Each day he comes homes absolutely worn out. The other interesting thing is he sure can eat a good supper after an afternoon of gymnastics!! And bedtime, oh bedtime!! He's happy to hit his pillow...and he's out like a light.

Here are some of his tricks:

This is a back bridge. Chico thinks it's the perfect time to lick Peirce's face.

I don't know what this is - but it's very impressive. :) You spread your legs and put your hands back as far as you can on the ground. Peirce says it is not meant for beginners.

He is most proud to tell me each day that he's the champion of his class. I inquired as to how he knows he's the champion - and he said it's because he hasn't had a time out yet like the other kids. I told thim that's absolutely the beginning of gymnast greatness!!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Left To Tell

I read the move amazing book yesterday: Left to Tell by Immaculée Ilibagiza The summary says:

Immaculée shares her miraculous story of how she survived during the Rwanda genocide in 1994 when she and seven other women huddled silently together in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor’s house for 91 days! In this captivating and inspiring book, Immaculée shows us how to embrace the power of prayer, forge a profound and lasting relationship with God, and discover the importance of forgiveness and the meaning of truly unconditional love and understanding—through our darkest hours.

This is an amazing book. I was rivoted by her experiences. It's a more than a story of war - it's a story of personal faith through trials. I was saddened to think of what was happening in my life at the time. While I was aware of what was happening in Rawanda I didn't think much of it and was living in my own bliss. It was shocking to me to read of the genocide in our own day. I was also totally inspired by her faith. This is one book that will stay with me for a long time.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Pool Party Extravaganza

Today is Jill's birthday party. Here is the cake we made:

My favorite part is his hair!

We had a lot of fun in the pool. They have two slides, a climbing wall, and a rope to swing on....and lots of toys!

Jill and Soleil

Nathan and Evan

Allen is actually holding on for dear life here....I kept saying, oh wait, let me adjust my camera, just a sec, hold on!!

Allen, Sarah and Becky

This is the first time I've seen Peirce swim without waterwings. He had his swim suit on that has a floatation device in it - but I've never seen him swim just with that. I was so surprised!

After swimming we had sandwiches and chicken wings and veggies and fruit and cake and some games. Lots of fun!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Feeling the Spirit

I keep thinking I need to get caught up some of our summer events...but sometimes just continuing on is easier than catching up!!

Yesterday during church Peirce was lying with his head on my lap. Suddenly he sat up and asked me a question about why the speaker would burn his testimony. As I talked to him I realized he was referring to a comment the speaker had made about his testimony burning in his heart. To a 5 year old that was interpreted that as an idea that the guy had written his testimony down and burned it up in a fire. I quietly told him that he actually meant that when he shared his testimony his heart felt warm and that that was the Holy Ghost telling him that what he was saying was true. So tonight for FHE we followed up on that and had a discussion about feeling the spirit. We talked about how it feels and when you can feel it (i.e. what you have to do to feel the spirit). I asked Jill if she could tell us about a time that she felt the spirit and she said when she has blessings before school starts she has really felt the spirit. I asked if she'd ever felt the spirit at church, she thought for a second and matter of factly said, "Nope." I kind of had to chuckle. It really made me think about how important it is that we provide opportunities for our kids to learn the gospel. Sometimes it would be easier to just leave it to primary teachers and such - but clearly it isn't always totally covered that way! LOL

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


I guess my kids are definitely their father's children. They love cars. Every year they go to the car show - and they love to go check out car auctions....something I just don't relate to.

Today our good friends Perry and Laverne were in town. We went for lunch with them and had a great visit. As we were leaving the restaurant we saw that they drive a convertible mustang and so we asked if they'd come show our kids. Jill's all time favorite car is a mustang - and all Peirce wants when he grows up is a car without a roof.

Perry came over and took them for a ride. Peirce and Jill were THRILLED! Peirce made good and sure the rear windows work well (up, down, up, down the whole time they were in the car). Peirce said it was the best day of his life.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Atlanta Convention

Allen and I went to Atlanta while our kids were at Grandma Camp. Surpringly, I survived all the craziness of it (although I'm sure looking a little dazed in this picture!). We had a great time visiting with old friends and attending workshops together.

Here's Jill and Peirce celebrating with all the goodies we brought home for them.

Friday, 3 August 2007

New Posts

There's some interesting posts on our Hyde Family Blog about the Grandma Camp our kids are at as well as the trip Allen and I are on right now. Do check it out!