Thursday, 26 July 2007

Jill and Peirce Get to Live

Yesterday my kids decided to take my digital camera to the park to take some pictures. They asked permission to do it. My mistake was I didn't check on the camera when they returned. Today I needed it today and couldn't find it. Jill
swore she brought it home and put it on my desk. We've looked high and low. Finally Allen came home for lunch. On his way back to the office he went by the park and found a sign taped to the bench that said someone had found a digital camera
and to call to claim it.

My blood pressure is still a little high.....but I think I will let
them live.

Earlier I had told them that they couldn't watch TV or play on the
computer until it was found - even if took until they were 12. Peirce, who is 5, said, "Is that after I get baptized?" Jill responded that it was way after. He flopped on the floor and said, "Oh no!! I'll probably be DEAD by then!"


Monday, 23 July 2007

David and Crystal's Wedding

Last weekend was the great Uncle David's wedding. We now have the great Auntie Crystal to go with now they're even greater. :0) It was really a great day...and I dare say, one of the best weddings I've been to!

Here are some of the little darlings in their cute wedding outfits:

This is Peirce and one of his favorite cousins - Claire:

Zane and Claire walking down the aisle:

...and of course, the bride!

Thursday, 19 July 2007


Well, summer is moving along nicely. After coming home from Raymond Jill and Peirce were really happy to be at home and have some quiet time.

I have discovered that if I sleep 10 hours a night then I can avoid throwing up. Works like magic. I sometimes have a bit of a lie down during the day. Personally, it's not easy to sleep that much. I quite relish the time alone when my kids are in bed - but I also prefer not to feel too nasty - and it's nice to have discovered that little trick. It's just not to easy to learn how to simplify and cut back on things in life!

Friday, 6 July 2007

Our Raymond Routine

Well, we're having a great time in Raymond! I'm staying at Carmen and Adam's house - which turned out to be a really lucky choice because they have air conditioning!! Yea!! It's been REALLY warm here. When I'm pregnant my inner thermostat always seems to be running in overdrive - so the hot summer weather is especially uncomfortable. But thanks to the air conditioning I'm doing quite well.

So we've had a run and busy time this week. Each morning Carmen takes the girls (Jill, Zoe and Soleil) to the pool at 8:30 for the Raymond "Swim Club" The lifeguards run it and it was a little Wednesday Carmen and Virginia asked if they could help as Volunteer Coaches...and since then it's all gone much more smoothly. I usually stay home with Peirce and Zane and then at 9:30 the boys and I head off to story time at the library. They do crafts at their story time! Peirce is in his glory. In the afternoon we either go swimming or the girls go to the Reading Club at the library.

We've got LOTS of cousins to play with. Last night everyone was at Carmen's for dinner. There were 11 grandchildren (only 2 are missing!)...and we have one of every age it seems from 10 on down...and even a new one planned for 1998. They're all pretty good kids - but no matter what, when you get 11 kids together it gets a little c-r-a-z-y! ...but we're loving it.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Happy Canada Day!

We've had plans for quite a while to spend the first two weeks in July in Raymond. Last Friday I hurt my back and was flat for two days. I was wondering if I would be able to come through on this plan...but a visit to the doctor, a good dose of Tylenol 3...and I was off and running (well, not running...but off)

We arrived Sunday night. The parade was Monday morning. The parade goes right past Allen's parent's house - so we watched it there. There were lots of extended family and we all had a great time. I really enjoyed watching Allen teach all the little kids exactly how to work the system to ensure that they get the most candy thrown their way. All the adults would snicker and smile at him. The kids were a quick study and soon had FULL bags of candy.

After the parade we met up with my mom and dad and Aunt Marvelle and Uncle Clifford to visit for a bit. We ran into some of the RCMP officers that had been in the parade. Peirce wasn't too interested in meeting them at first - but he was slightly swayed when he got to try on the hat.

...although as you can tell by the picture he didn't want to look TOO enthusiastic

Jill asked the RCMP officer if she spoke French and she replied in French that she spoke a little. Jill asked her another question in French and the lady quickly responded, "Whoa! Her French is way better than mine!"

Later that day we planned to check out the rodeo - but Jill got a sliver in her foot. We spent a lot of the afternoon trying to coax her into letting us take it out. Grandpa was the chosen one to work on it but he couldn't get it out. Finally we took her over to the Raymond hospital and they took care of her. They ended up having to freeze her foot and dig it out as it was really deep. She was quite thrilled with her first experience as a hospital patient. Something to remember for the 'what did you do this summer' essay come September!