Saturday, 9 August 2014

Day 43 of my 52 Days of Summer: Day Chico is Healed!

Poor Chico really wasn't feeling well this week. The side of his face was swelling up something fierce! I thought it looked like he had an abscessed tooth. Allen stopped by a vet yesterday to get an opinion. He figured he would need antibiotics but of course, would need to see him. He would have to put him out because there is no way our dog will let a vet look in his mouth. The estimated cost was $500. You know how those things go. Bank on it being about $700, if that is the estimate!

I started looking up natural alternatives to antibiotics and discovered you can give your dog Oil of Oregano. I stopped by the health food store and found out they even have a dog variety! However, it was pretty expensive. I checked a few other places and found London Drugs had some on sale because they are going to be using a new line soon. Awesome!

I tried to get him to eat it with it on his food but he wouldn't touch it. I finally just rubbed the oil in the swollen part of his face. This morning the swelling is totally gone and he is back to acting like his old self.


Favorite Quiet Spot: Day 43 of my 52 Days of Summer

I am back into the walking routine. This is one of my favorite places along one of the paths I often walk where I like to stop, sit on a rock for a while and pray and ponder. So beautiful!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

More Wedding Festivities: Day 41 of my 52 Days of Summer

Wow!! Some henna!!

Chico is Sick: Day 41 of my 52 Days of Summer

Something is wrong with Chico. I went to pet him first thing this morning and he yelped and cried and shrunk away. What do you do with a dog who bites the vet on the best of days, let along when he doesn't feel well? I guess we will wait this out for a bit and see what happens.

Day 41 of my 52 Days of Summer: Shakespeare and Ducks

We had a great time at Shakespeare on the Bow. I love how during these plays people are jogging by, having picnics in the park, etc. It seems to make the story even more authentic!

I can't figure out how to steal pics from Instagram, so I just took a screen shot :)

After we went and fed the ducks. So fun! We even made new friends: Natalie and her dad. I am pretty sure it was more so our popcorn than us though :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wedding Fun: Day 40 of my 52 Days of Summer

Jill has a friend whose sister is getting married. She has had a lot of fun joining in on some of their celebrations. Getting married in their culture involves many many days of traditions and celebrations.


Monday, 4 August 2014

Trek! Day 38 of my 52 Days of Summer

Today Jill got home from trek. She had a fabulous time. It sounds like it was the wonderful testimony growing relationship building experience it was supposed to be.

They trekked out in Kananaskis.

Grandma sewed her some bloomers.

Our great stake presidency: Pres. Ken Payne, Pres. Craig Prince and Pres. Mike Bester