Monday, 22 December 2014

Early Morning Reading

Now that my kids are teenagers they sleep in. This is a big deal. It is very rare in our house. We simply don't have sleep in days. Every day it is either swimming or seminary.....yes, even Saturdays. And we have 9:00 am church these days. We really never sleep in in this house. We do relish naps though!

I always marvelled at those people whose advice for mothers was to get up an hour before your kids so you can read and pray and shower before they are up. I would have had to get up at 4:00 most of their lives. Well, even now it is that way with seminary and morning swim practices.....but Christmas break is different. They sleep in (well, until swim camp 7 am swims camp starts next week, that is). 

In the meantime, this is how I spend my mornings: a warm cup of tea and a couple books by the Christmas tree. Bliss!

Oops. Sounds like the washing machine is finished....must go start a new load!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Peter Pan

Such an interesting story! Storybook Theatre did an amazing job. I loved their interpretation. I loved the set. I loved their costumes for Peter Pan and the Lost boys. It was so true to the book!

I also decided I must read the real Peter Pan story again. It is quite a fascinating story, full of so many concepts that are relevant today.

 I "borrowed" these photos from their facebook page. I love the color and emotion in all the pictures! Peirce's friend, Gabe and his brother Zak were in the play. They were twins in the group of lost boys. It is so fun to know someone famous!

I have a confession. Mostly, I have this issue under control, but now and then it comes up again. It is that I can't go through a standing ovation without bawling. I am not sure why, except that perhaps the emotion of being deeply sucked into the story plus being so impressed with the amazing job the actors do just pulls it out of me. I have been pretty good at the plays we have been to this year - but this one melted my composure again. 

It was so cool when Peter was dancing with his shadow. His shadow did things he didn't do. Very cool Storybook!!

Good fight scenes!

Amazing sets!

Gabe and Zak are in this photo...not sure which one is which. It is hard to tell in their costumes....they are twins you know! One has the lime green shirt on and the other is just to the left of Michael (in the top hat) in this photo.

The actor who played Captain Hook doubled as Mr. Darling.....interesting pairing!

Smee, Captain Hook's assistant, was amazing. He has been in a lot of plays and the variety of characters he plays is amazing. He was delightful in this much expression!

There's that Smee again. So funny!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

PWI - Winnipeg

This past weekend Jill went to a swim meet in Winnipeg called PWI. Thanks to her coach, Dave, for the photos!