Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Where is our summer going?!

Time is flying by!! Summer seems to be in superspeed.

The first week of summer the kids got to go to Grandma Camp. What a good time they had!! I'm so grateful my mom does this Grandma Camp. She takes all the grandkids for a week and they have a great time and create some great memories. I wish I could post some pictures - but no parents are allowed - so I don't have any to post. Grandma camp. We all love it!!

....well, I did steal a couple pictures from Taylor's facebook page. Here they are swimming. I'm not sure I like seeing my little boy jump off that high diving board!

The next week Jill got to go to BeeHive Camp. That was a big hit! She is so excited to be a BeeHive that she glows when she talks about it. And since coming home she hasn't stopped singing and talking about it. The songs come out all the time! Imagine....60 beehives. What a good time they had!There she goes!! No looking back! Just like Jill does everything in life!

The next week we had a Hyde Family Reunion. It was in Mountain View at the Payne Lake Lodge. What a great place for a family reunion! It was wonderful. Jill's favorite part was the boats! Peirce's favorite part was non-stop play time with cousins. It was a great time!

This week we don't have anything scheduled. Imagine?! Could we already be at the dog days of summer?? Nah!! We have Park and Play, bike rides, dog walks, lemon aid stands, the library's summer reading program, and much more to fill our time. In only 22 days I go to Teacher Orientation! Ack!!


Alysha Sladek said...

Grandma Camp? I like the sound of that! I'm sure the kids have a ton of fun too!

Kim Hawryluk said...

Grandma camp sounds awesome!

We're heading to the Payne Lake Lodge next weekend - glad to know yhere are a few things to do while we are there. :)