Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May Day! May Day!

They took me in the car. I love going for car rides! And I love my family!! This time, like many other times, they went away and left me in the car. I sat and waited for as long as I could. I had noticed the roof of the car was open. Ah ha! An invitation to join them! "I will be right there my sweet family!" 

It wasn't easy, but I did it! I knew I shouldn't. It made sense to stay in the car - but my love for my family took over and I just had to go find them!!

So, I carefully jumped on to the head rest, jumped up straight into the air, and presto!! I was free!!

Down the back end of the car I went with great speed, and off I was to find my family....until....SCREEEECH!!! ACK!!! I had been hit by some wreckless crazy stranger driving a car. I hate strangers.
Then the stupid stranger tried to pick me up! I will have none of that!! CHOMP!!! That always stops strangers.

I tried to get away but I couldn't move. Next thing I knew some guy in a brown outfit came along, drowned me in a blanket, and put me in his truck. We were off to the vet. I didn't like those people either. There were two of them. They were egotistical and thought they were oooh sooo clever! They wrestled me down. They even put a muzzle on me!! I put up a good fight though. I even broke a tooth and a dew claw! I wasn't going down without a fight!!

The next thing I knew I was feeling very sleepy....veeery sleepy. They're taking pictures of me. They're giving me needles. They're putting me in a cage....where did I go wrong....I feel terrible!!! I just want my family!!

MEANWHILE:Allen and Jill come out of the Wal-Mart store. No Chico. Hmmm.....where could he be? They searched and searched and came to the conclusion that he must have been dog-napped!

They came home to Grandma's house feeling quite sad. Peirce and I decided we couldn't just sit around and do nothing so we all went back to Wal-mart and continued searching. We had noticed there were in fact little doggyvfoot prints going down the back of the car. We searched for about an hour. Nothing. We finally had to give up and go home. And we all felt just sick about it.

Allen felt sick because he realized he under-estimated that dog again.
Peirce felt sick because his beloved dog was gone.
I felt sick because if someone found him it will probably cost us a bunch of $$.
Jill felt sick because this all looked like she was going to end up late for swim practice back in Calgary.

I posted something on Kijiji.
I posted on a facebook group for pets in Lethbridge.
I called the City and reported a lost dog.

They said that someone had brought in a chihuahua....he had been hit!! Oh dear. The guy on the phone said he was okay. I asked if we could go get him and they said we would have to wait until Tuesday.

"But we're from Calgary, and we have to work tomorrow!"
"The vet is actually closed today." was the response.
"But someone has to be took him there for a reason!"
"Okay, I will see what I can do."

After a while we got another phone call that we could go pick him up and they gave us the address.

Now I was really nervous. I have heard all sorts of stories of vet bills in the thousands of dollars. I wasn't prepared to pay that! Can you just not pay and give your dog up?? Who would ever take the nasty little guy??

So off we went. We were prepared for the lecture about how we should take better care of our dog, how we shouldn't have left him in the car, how he isn't socialized, and on and on. We' have heard it before!

Turned out we didn't get a lecture though. They were very kind. They first took all our information (probably so that they could track us down when we run away screaming when they tell us it will cost $1000 and we decide we don't want him anymore and have to make a quick get-away). They told us that he'd been hit, that he bit someone, that they brought him in, and that they had quite a battle with him to get a muzzle on. He broke a tooth and a dew claw. They had given him something for the pain after he had the x-ray so he was likely a little subdued. It would take 24 hours for that to wear off. They said they had x-rayed him and he didn't have any broken bones, but definitely some muscles damage. And the best part was it only cost $400!! It was about $100 to have the city pick him up, and $100 for the vet to come in, and $80 for the x-ray, and $100 for something else...but they did trim his nails for free! :)

And finally they said we could go see him. They took us all into this back room, and there he was, huddled in the back of the cage, with a big paper on the cage that said "Very Aggressive." I opened the cage and took him out. Poor little guy! He was so happy to see us! He was a big of a mess. He was dirty, I suppose from being tossed by a vehicle and from the wrestling with the bylaw officer and the vet. He had some blood on him, and his tail had poop on it (he tends to poop when he is scared). He certainly looked like he had had a rough day!

We all had a very quiet ride home. I think Chico is much more humble.

I think he really is the devil though. Nothing can kill him!!

I'm wondering if he really learned his lesson though. I'm thinking we might park the car in the mall near our house, with the roof open, to see if he's really learned his lesson (and if not, he can't get that lucky twice in a row, ....can he??)

Chico's update:

I am very sorry for all the trouble. Very sorry. I am a much more humble dog. I will listen better. I do feel pretty good though!! By the next day I was hopping up on the bed so I could sleep...right where I belong!

Who would think this little guy could cause so much trouble!!

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