Sunday, 10 March 2013

Types in Scriptures

We had a great topic on Sunday School this week. We talked about how stories all through the scriptures can remind us of the Savior and the atonement. Everything is a 'type' to remind us and help us understand the purpose of the Savior's life.

I have to wonder if that is all done on purpose. I suppose I shouldn't wonder. I would think God is very purposeful in his teachings. But are we being too generous with the ties??

Here are some of the examples we found:

Abraham and Isaac - Could cause us to realize how God must have felt sacrificing his son
Joseph and his brothers - Joseph was the favorite, as Jesus was. He was persecuted and hated.
Jonah and the Whale - Jonah was in the belly of the whale for 3 days. Jesus was in the tomb for 3 days.
Noah - Everyone who followed Noah was saved. Everyone who follows Jesus is saved. God made a promise with Noah to never flood the earth again, just like God promises us if we follow Jesus we'll be saved.
Daniel in the Lion's Den - a rock was placed over the den and Daniel was in there for 3 days

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