Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Day 19 of my 52 Days of Summer - My Summer is Being Stolen!

It's been a long nine days. The past week Allen and I have mostly been focused on swim club issues. We had a big meeting at the church. I chaired the meeting. It was probably the most nerve-wracking meeting I ever chaired. However, everyone was very respectful and I was left feeling very hopeful that the members of the club could come together and fix this situation.

The week has continued with bumps and surprises. One of our big concerns was that our head coach had been fired without due process (reviews, probation, etc.). The board posted his position and were accepting applications. We were concerned that a wrongful lawsuit could be pending and that if a new coach was hired and then a new board decided to re-hire our head-coach, we could have another lawsuit for breach of contract with the new coach. What a mess! All the while we were trying to bend the ear of the board. They wouldn't reply to emails. We did talk to them in person when we saw them at the pool, but the conversations were not very open and as a matter of fact, one ended with one board member telling Allen if he didn't stop asking questions "we were going to have a problem". The email and phone campaign continued. Yesterday we got a lawyer to write a cease and desist letter. We wanted them to stop the process of hiring a new coach until the membership could be heard. We had requested a meeting and it was scheduled for August 10. Today, after receiving the letter, the board decided to step down. It continues their lack of communication approach. However, perhaps now we can put a new board in place and try to repair the damage. Time will tell. We have another meeting tonight. I have great hope!

All that is a lot of detail to explain that my summer is being stolen!! We need to put this to bed so that I can get on with the important things of summer. I need to clean. I need to blog. I need to read. I need to have fun with my kids. I need to relax! All these things take time! :)

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