Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Storybook Theatre: Willy Wonka

I could go on and on about how I love Storybook Theatre. Being involved with Storybook Theatre has been a wonderful opportunity to help our kids develop a love for theatre. Peirce, especially, loves it. Tonight was Willy Wonka the musical. It was amazing!!

Storybook Theatre did something brilliant. They teamed up with Bernard Callebault (er, Papa Chocolate) and made Wonka Bars. You could buy a Wonka bar for $10. You got them at the end of the intermission when everyone was in the theatre and everyone opened them at the same time. Inside five of the bars were golden tickets. With a golden ticket you could get two tickets to another play. Marketing genius!! I couldn't believe how many they sold. It was brilliant.

Peirce'so frind, Gabe, was in the play. Here they are with Mr. Wonka himself as well as Gabe's very cute little sister.

Gabe's brother, Zachary, was Augustus Gloop. He was hilarious!! The grey haired man in the background is the Grandpa who went with Charlie to the factory. When they sneak some treats they are able to is hilarious. This shot also has a bit of Charlie himself. The actor they had was so amazing. A very cute boy!!

The Oompa Loompas were hilarious. 
Violet Beauregard was a hick from the southern states.
Mike Tevee was a spoiled California kid.
Veruca Salt was a brat extraordinaire.

It was truly an amazing job. One of Storybook Theatre's best, I'd say!!

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