Monday, 29 June 2015


A while ago we went out to this restaurant called Double Zero. It is a pizza place. We thought it was an odd name so we asked about it. Turns out it is named Double Zero because of the flour they use. It is ground on the highest setting and therefore very fine. It is so fancy they have to import it from Italy!

I wand to take the poor boy aside and say: silly boy....don't believe that foolishness. We can make double zero flour right here!!!
He also went on to say that if you use double zero flour, which you can only get in Italy, it is easier on your stomach and doesn't sit there like a big lump.

So we tried it today! Well, we didn't go to Italy. We did it ourselves! I always set the wheat grinder on medium....but today we double zeroed it and it WAS very fine! 

One of the things I want to do this summer is get my kids to help in the kitchen more. They know how to make a few things. Time to expand the repertoire! Jill helped with the bread. This morning Peirce made pancakes! They were fantastic too!

Peirce helped with the eating. We tore a little off and fried it up. It was so good I barely got a picture before it was gone!

...and you know...lie think it did turn out lighter. Those pizza guys might be on to something! 

I must say, it was gooooood! I think I will leave it set right there!

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