Sunday, 13 November 2016

New Habits

Today at church I had a friend come sit by me. She commented on how I had my stuff spread out on the two seats on either side of me and asked if she could sit by me. I told her my big butt needs a lot of room and she retorted with something about her big butt. We chuckled and enjoyed some more small talk. One of her comments was, "How do people lose weight anyway?" We joked back and forth about how I don't want to hear anymore about people eating less and exercising more. I want a quick fix!!

The truth is, I know how to lose weight. I have done it a ton of times (no pun intended!). I seem to have an exercise habit going. As I thought about it this afternoon, I realized if I could just change my eating habits I bet I would take up healthy living a notch and be able to lose weight. I have told myself that I don't exercise every day to lose weight. I have seen so many benefits from exercising that if I just focus on how I haven't lost weight I would miss recognizing all the other great benefits of exercising daily. I seem to do best when I do things a step at a time. This exercise habit has been a really long journey. My goal is to be a runner. I have been exercising every day for 154 days now! That really is an accomplishment. I am not even a runner yet, but I can see it happening. I keep getting a little better all the time, so in time, I think I really will be a runner. 

Today I decided that the next habit I'm going to start on is to eat better by eating a salad every day. I'm very excited about it. I looked up recipes for salads in a jar and there are a million ideas out there! Today I made five jars so that I'm ready for the week. Each day I will just need to grab some fruit for my morning snack and maybe a carb to go with my salad at lunch. This is going to be great!! I can see myself doing this.


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