Saturday, 4 February 2017

Okay.....I will say it...I'm 50!

I'm 50!! 

I have been dreading this day. 50 just seems so old. 

Although, I prefer to tell people I'm closer to 40 than 30. 

Then my friend, Karen, posted this: 

I decided she was right. There is no sense feeling sheepish about being 50. While I'm not everything I want to be, and my life has room for much improvement, I will embrace 50 and continue on my quest.  Thanks for being a bright light, Karen!

I went to the office with Allen on Saturday. I haven't done that for years, thanks to Saturday swim practices....but I just might be in a place to turn over a new leaf. "They" say partnership makes all the difference. I'm excited to be more involved in our business.

After the office Allen and I went out for brunch to a beautiful restaurant. The ownership has changed, but it was still as good as ever. I totally recommend    ProvisionYYC. Great food! I had eggs benedict with mushrooms and kale. Allen had steak and eggs. I could do that every Saturday!

There is a bookstore right across the street called Shelf Life books. I loved how they have their children's books colour coded. :)
We spent a good hour or so there browsing and sharing great finds and laughing about dogs in the air. 

Tonight I got together with some friends. It was our regular dinner club get together, but they surprised me with a cake and a Fitbit!! I'm very excited about the Fitbit. In to my next decade of good health!

...but first, cake!! 


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