Friday, 26 May 2017

Be The Change

I first learned about Deborah Ellis when I was in a book club with Jill when she was in elementary school. Another boy and his mom had attended an event where she spoke and they raved about her. They loved her so much the librarian changed the book club plans so we could include some of her books.

Last night I went to an event at the library where Deborah Ellis spoke. I have really enjoyed her books over the years. I have read The Breadwinner with students in the past and have gone on to read many of her other books:

No Ordinary Day
etc. etc.

I've read 'em all. Well I thought I had! I found out she has a few more off I go to the library.

When we got downtown we went into the library and took the elevator up. Guess who was in the elevator with us??! Yes! Deborah Ellis! She was very approachable and real. It was great to meet her. Unfortunately, when I took a picture with her, I didn't take the time to check to make sure it was clear. LOL I was a little star struck, I guess!

Melissa, one of my students, went to it as well and she read The Breadwinner trilogy in preparation for it. Last night we found out that a movie is coming out in October. I'm hoping we can have our grade 3's, with Melissa's inspiration, read The Breadwinner over the summer and then have it be part of Battle of the Books. It would be fun to go to the movie together!

Last night the focus on the evening was making a difference. Deborah Ellis spoke about some of her experiences and then they had kids from two schools talk about projects they’ve done…basically service learning. One school has been working on petitioning the government to bring drinking water to native reserves that haven’t had safe drinking water for more than 20 years despite having water treatment plants on their reserve (they’re non-functional because they don’t know how to care for them) and a school in Strathmore that has done a project where they learned about different ways to help organizations besides through fundraising. It was really quite inspiring.

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