Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Spring Break in Kelowna

Peirce and I took to the road this week to visit Neil in Kelowna. We had a great time and it was really nice to visit with Neil.

We made some fun stops along the way.

When we got to Kelowna we went straight to the arena. Of course we'd find Neil there!

Strangely, we also ran into the VandeSype's! Janine was sitting right behind me. She sent me a message: Are you at a Rockets game right now? Turn around.

Neil lives just blocks from the beach so in the mornings I spend some wonderful time enjoying the scenery there.

On Sunday we went to church and it was really wonderful to catch up with some old friends. We did a little driving around to see some old familiar places. This is the view from the street I used to live on:

On Monday Peirce and I were busy busy busy. First stop was the Kangaroo Creek Farm. So fun!

Sugar fliers!

These guys live at "Port Alice"!

You can see a video here with some awesome goats and capybaras. I can't see a capybara without thinking of Bonnie and Clyde that escaped from the Toronto zoo. Unfortunately, the lady working there did not know of A Town Called Alice nor of the capyraba escapees. Another instance of how life is blessed by reading!

We stopped at Father Pandosy Mission and Peirce took some pictures and felt the ghosts there.

We spent some time at Rotary Beach and decided we definitely need to come back when it is warmer.

We decided to check out a french bakery:

The croissants at Superstore don't even come close!

It was wonderful to spend some time together!

On the way home on Tuesday we got stopped for avalanche blasting. To pass the time, Peirce decided to keep track of vehicles that passed by going the other way.

And now we are home. It's lovely to go but it's lovelier to get home again!

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