Thursday, 2 April 2009

COP School

Peirce's teacher applied for and was accepted to have the class go to COP school this year. COP is a really cool place to learn! They did their regular stuff only it was all infused with sport and winter and skiing and nature. It was great. I got to volunteer for the day. It was a long day (how did I ever hang out with that many kids all day like that before??!)
The teacher uses journals for the kids to record their learning. They have the neatest things in these journals. He will use it for Grade One and for Grade Two. It'll be really fun to have when they're all finished with them! This is them working in their journals and having a discussion.

Working outside on a project. It was a beautiful day!
Everyone made a picture of what they think COP will look like in 30 years. They looked at pictures of COP 30 years ago. I was a "resident geezer" and was able to tell them about when it was paskapoo and we used to go there to go down the hill on the carts.

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