Monday, 30 March 2009

Saudi Arabian Experiences

We are having a great experience this month. We have had exchange students stay with us now and then for a number of years. This month we have had a boy from Saudi Arabia named Abdul stay with us. We've never had someone from Saudi Arabia! It's been an interesting learning experience.

Today Abdul invited Allen to go to an event at Mac Hall at the University (another flash back for Allen and I!) that was a party of sorts for a number of Saudi Arabian students. I was surprised when Abdul came upstairs dressed in a traditional Saudi outfit - a long white dress! He said it is typical dress for men in Saudi Arabia.

When Abdul came home tonight our kids were quite taken back. Peirce was quick to tell Abdul that he thought he looked nice but in Canada boys don't wear dresses. I thought that was pretty funny considering all the dress up clothes he enjoys with his cousins that involve dresses.

It's really great having our kids learn about these things. They really love it too!


toby and amy said...

That is way cool! And Allen looks great in his "dress"!

Becky said...

Great pictures! Allen should keep that look!

Alysha said...

that's really cool!