Thursday, 26 January 2012

Longest. Day. Ever.

My day:

4:30 am get up
5:00 am take Jill to the pool
8:00 Craziness of school begins. Thursday is my busiest day with only 1 prep. Today during that one precious prep I had to run home because I took Allen's keys with me by mistake and he was stranded at home, Ugh!
3:20 pm school ends....10 minute reprieve until interviews start. Oh wait....,first one arrives at 3:20....let the fun begin!
8:00 pm Almost done. Phone rings....last family is running late. Can't come tomorrow so they will get there ASAP.
Sit around and wait......they finally arrive at 8:45. Should be quite quick because their child is a star. Nope....they want to discuss how we can challenge this child more. Isn't practically perfect good enough when you are arriving 45 minutes late for your appointment?!

Finally, 9:30 pm I arrive home to find out my kids in fact didn't wash out their lunch bags and clean up after themselves as I had specifically requested.


Good thing tomorrow is only a half day!

These interviews were student led conferences, so most of the time I hang back and let the child show their patents the ropes. Translation: try to look busy but don't get too involved in anything so you are available when they have questions. It reminded me of my 3 days of employment at K-Mart, standing around with not much to do. I think I would rather run all day and all evening than stand around. I think standing around idle is harder! Good night world!

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