Monday, 6 February 2012

No Ordinary Day by Deborah Ellis

I actually read this book on Christmas Day but haven't blogged about it yet. I read it while we were driving down to Lethbridge. I'm starting a new book club and for our first meeting we all are supposed to read a Deborah Ellis book. This was one I hadn't read yet. I quite enjoyed it!

The story is about a girl named Valli, who lives in India. Her parents are dead and she lives with relatives. Well, she thinks they're relatives - but finds out they're just kind people who have taken her in. Since she isn't related, she decides to strike out on her own. The book has comments about "the monsters" who live in seclusion because they have leprosy. As the story goes on we find out that Valli also has leprosy - but there is a way she can look after that, if only she will.

The story is an interesting insight into poverty and people trying to help those suffering. I totally recommend it!

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Katie said...

I just started reading Brave New World for our new book club. It's interesting in an odd kind of way. I'm trying to figure out if the LDS group leader knew how much implied sex there is in the story!! I'm glad to read a "modern classic" that people know about and refer to, but which I'd never read.