Friday, 29 June 2012

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine

School's out and it's time to get started on my summer reading goal! I was inspired by this person and decided to take on the challenge. A book a day...that means 58 books. I plan to read lots of J fiction to get some ideas on new exciting books to share with kids at school. I'll throw in a few adult books in there too. I may need to make some of my books on the list picture books though...not sure if I can do a novel a day - but I'm going to try. One down, 57 to go!

I picked this one up at the library the other day. I think I had heard of it before...the title seemed familiar. Then I found a couple blog posts on blogs I frequent  (here and here) that talked about it. I'm always interested in books that are plays on To Kill a Mockingbird, because I love that book. This one uses the title Mockingbird, because the main character in the book has gone through a tragic loss. Here is the summary from Good Reads:

In Caitlin’s world, everything is black or white. Things are good or bad. Anything in between is confusing. That’s the stuff Caitlin’s older brother, Devon, has always explained. But now Devon’s dead and Dad is no help at all. Caitlin wants to get over it, but as an eleven-year-old girl with Asperger’s, she doesn’t know how. When she reads the definition of closure, she realizes that is what she needs. In her search for it, Caitlin discovers that not everything is black and white—the world is full of colors—messy and beautiful. Kathryn Erskine has written a must-read gem, one of the most moving novels of the year.

I'm not quite sure why this book is a "J" book though. I can't imagine that kids would be that into it. Then again, maybe it would make for an interesting discussion with kids. I think most kids have a hard time seeing things from someone else's perspective, especially someone that acts in ways they're uncomfortable with.


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