Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Class President

Jill's school has been having student council elections. She ran for Gr. 9 class president. She always amazes me. I was too intimidated to do things like that when I was in High School. Not Jill. She takes it all in stride. We heard a fair bit about it leading up to the election. Her big promise: abolish passé composé! LOL

The election was on Monday. I asked Monday how it went. She said she thought it went well but they wouldn't know the results until Tuesday. On Tuesday I forgot to ask and she didn't say anything until late at night. I was working in the kitchen and she was sitting at the table doing some homework.

"Oh mom, by the way, I won the election."

That was it. You'd think it would be the first thing she said when she got home! Nope. Just a casual, 'yup. I won'.

Now she gets to go to some leadership conference in Edmonton in the Spring.

What a kid!

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