Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why I Love Walking

This month I have walked over 60 km. This astounds me!! I have been able to continue through the start of winter and hope to continue all winter long. By Spring I'd like to be doing some running.

Why do I love it? Solitude! I love being along for a time. An hour is about perfect. Sometimes I'm alone at home. Sometimes I'm alone at school. But there are always things to do there. I get very caught up in to do lists. I need that time where I have to abandon being productive and just move.

Left. Right. Left Right.

When I'm walking there's comfort in the repetitiveness of it all. Just me. Just my thoughts. There is nothing like it and I'm starting to realize how much I need this time.

I think of how my day was.
I think of ideas for tomorrow
I think of ways to help kids.
I think of the people I work with.
And I'm so grateful.

I think of my family.
I think of things they want to happen.
I pray for them.

I think of scriptures I have memorized.
I think of scriptures I should memorize.
I think of my upcoming Sunday School lesson.
I pause on the blessings of the gospel.

I think of books I've read.
I think of books I want to read.

I feel so richly blessed
And so grateful.

Sometimes it brings me to tears.

And by the time I arrive at home
I'm ready for life again.

I never ever fathomed it could be so great. It really is.

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