Monday, 5 November 2012


This week Jill gets to go to a leadership conference. The conference is at the zoo and she will be late for swimming if she goes back with the transportation they've provided so tonight we showed her how to use the c-train and the bus to get from there to the pool. She has come a long way! This past summer she started using the bus. She got stranded a few times after getting on the wrong bus and was really stressed about it. Now she is really good at rolling with it.

Peirce on the other hand, is much happier to stay close under my wing. He came with us tonight. When we were walking home it was dark and he hung on to me pretty tight. Once, as we walked along, a car right beside us started up. He about jumped out of his skin! I'll miss these times. It won't be long until he's too cool to show any fear. I enjoy having him as my little boy still!

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