Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I went with some of my co-workers today down to Bowness, a part of Calgary that was hit hard by the floods. We made sandwiches and took cookies and sandwiches and fruit and just walked down the street and handed it out to people.

It was a totally overwhelming experience. People's houses are ruined. There is no insurance that covers this sort of thing. They may get some help from the government - but we all know that will not cover everything.

I was overwhelmed with the mess.
I was overwhelmed by all the people.
I was overwhelmed by the mud.
I was overwhelmed by people's gratitude.
I was overwhelmed by the mass numbers of people there to help.
I was overwhelmed by the police and firemen there trying to keep everything orderly.
I was overwhelmed thinking of how blessed I am that my home is dry.
I was overwhelmed with companies there to hang out piles and piles of food to people.
I was overwhelmed by women driving in with people's laundry fresh and clean.
I was overwhelmed by everyone's friendliness.

This world is a good place, even despite the terrible things that happen.

There is pile after pile after pile like this in front of every house. So much is just being tossed. It's unbelievable.

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