Saturday, 29 June 2013

What If Everybody Did That

We read a book in our school this year called "What if Everybody Did That...."

What If Everybody Did That?

It has positives and negatives: What if everybody just tossed their garbage on the ground? or What if everybody was kind to each other?

Our amazing principal and associate principal put together a memory for everybody based on that theme. There's lots of inside jokes, but I just have to share it here so I don't forget it!

What if everybody....
Flaunted their flip flops
Bet on everything
Went undercover As An Investigative! Reporter!
Crammed into the bathroom
Wore bright red Hawaiian shirts to assemblies
Had a ball...with books.
Had a little ditty for every transition
Could be a pirate! Arrrrr(g)!
Drew cussin' pink snowmen
Had appropriate screensavers
Was on a dream team (We are!)
Could go bananas in Spanish
~We'd all be having fun!~

What if everybody
Baked like Budgen
Made sculptures out of Rice Krispies
Forgot eggs boiling on the stove
Milked the milk fridge
Cherished cheezies
~We'd be nourished and content!~

What if everybody
Encouraged kids to be creative & calculate
Had patience and perseverance for temperamental technology
Was a book whisperer with a sexy minivan
Juggled letters like WRTR, ESL and PE
Tossed stuffies for good listening
Kept finding new ways to be ever active
Supported learning
Was a radical room rejuvenator
Was brave enough to teach tall people
Supervised students and staff with a smile
~We'd all be AWESOME!~

What if everybody
Got up at 5 to take their kids swimming
Had professional portraits of their pets
Spent their weekends at the rink
Drove for hours just to get to work
Bought a bigger car so their dog kennels would fit.
~We'd be dedicated.~

What if everybody
Could Gangman like Gr. 4
Tick Tocked the clock
Tried to find a rhyme for orange
~We'd all have too much time on our hands~

What if everybody
Thought fashion and fitness were fun
Had matching initials
Was a savvy southern shopper
Thought heels were as comfy as slippers
Could decorate with wine bottles'n wax
Had their wedding gown on a roll
~We'd be stylin'!~

What if everybody
Getz hugs
Pulled feelings from a bag
Fostered dogs
Made and delivered sandwiches
Shared their gifts
~We'd be bucket fillers.~

There are so many memories in all those words. We sure do pack a lot of things into one year at our school!

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