Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Flames Game

The kids and I volunteer in the concession at games and concerts at McMahon stadium and at the Saddledome. Perhaps volunteer is a bit of a misnomer. We do get the money eventually. It goes to swimming. The Flames organization has a deal set up where kids can earn money for sports and school trips. They actually consider it a donation to kids sports. It is really great. The work isn't glamorous, but it is nice for them to be able to work and contribute towards costs. They get tips, which is fun. They are usually spent on mini donuts or in the Flames store.  Best of all, we often get to watch parts of the game or concert - the last part anyway!

We also get to see all sorts of interesting behind the scenes stuff. For example, last night as we were leaving this guy was loading up all the St. Louis Blues hockey bags. Huge bags, all matching, each with a players number on it. Best looking hockey bags I have seen in a long time! They are a far cry from those poor bags that get drug through the snow after being dumped out of the back of a truck at the rec centre where my kids have swim practice. And I guess another benefit of being a pro is someone hauls your equipment around for you (although, judging from the moms I see hauling hockey bags at the rec centre there are a lot of pro kids in Calgary).

Last night, when we arrived, there were about 10 police men at the security desk where players, employees and important people come in. They were all decked out like sharpshooters you see on TV: bullet proof vests, dull grey outfits with big black boots, and really big guns. When we walked in, I said to one, "Are we expecting trouble tonight?" He did the best don't-respond-and-show-no-emotion I have seen in a long time. 

Turns out they were there because Stephen Harper attended the game. He picked a good one. Flames won it in overtime in a shoot out. Very exciting!

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Katie said...

Very cool guest! And pretty funny comment about the mothers hauling equipment.