Friday, 6 December 2013

LDs and ED

Today was early dismissal. I have a love hate relationship with EDs. I always want to make it a special day, the kind of day that kids really want to be sure to never miss. Today we had a research day to launch the structure projects we are doing for science. It was a crazy day. Not all the links I had planned (and tested just the night before!) worked. We had indoor recess so there were no breaks. It was a mini marathon of madness.....but I would say we could call it a success.

In the afternoon we had a presentation about learning disabilities. I'd have to give it a mixed review. It was good to be made aware again of the challenges kids can be experiencing with their learning. However, there are so many questions. How do I know if a kid has a learning disability or they're just surfing along on the "that's good enough" mantra. 

I suppose I will turn to the only way I know to get some answers.....keep reading. And all along the way, remember to add a little more kindness and gentleness when it comes to interacting with children.

....but first, I have a huge pile of marking to plow through! Good thing for cold days (apparently the coldest in the world). I have no desire to go out tonight!

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