Saturday, 15 March 2014

Proper Words

Allen is away in Edmonton with Jill at a meet. Things worked out so that Allen ended up having a little time with his niece and nephew while his sister and brother-in-law were out. He really gets a kick out of those kids (kids in general?) and so was totally up for it.

He got all set up to read his 5 year old niece a story. He got a bunch of pillows to make them comfy.

Allen: Are you all snuggled in?
Niece: It's just that I don't snuggle with random strangers.
Allen: I'm no random stranger! I'm your favorite Uncle Allen!
Niece: I would just rather you didn't use that word snuggle.

What a kid! She went on to explain that she is much more comfortable with the word cozy.


Oh, then she snuggled right in, with her head in his shoulder, to read the story.

Funny girl.

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