Friday, 27 June 2014

Let the summer fun begin!!

I made it! Another year is in the books. It was a fabulous school year. Next year will be a new chapter. I loved the card I received from my principal, who will be moving to another school. It mentioned how next year will be a new chapter and she encouraged me to write a great one.

I will start off by making it a great summer. Tonight Allen and Jill and I went and had dinner from the food trucks in Inglewood. We walked around and talked, marvelled at how fast the river is flowing, watched a huge gaggle of geese, and in general had a great time.

All this made me think that this summer I want to do some great things. Here is what I have in mind: 

- I am going to try to do something every day with someone I care about. 
- I am going to spend time each day making my home a little more beautiful.
- I am going to spend time each day doing something that fills my soul. It might be reading. It might be writing. It might simply be solitude time. It might be learning. 
- I am going to spend time each day focusing on becoming healthier. It is time to get some better habits in place!

I have 51 days of summer vacation. I plan to make each day count, and to count each day. Tomorrow is the beginning!

But for now, I am going to bed. I am so tired!!

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