Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Whoa. I haven't posted much since February.

February is report card month. Somehow that whole month just gets simply overwhelming. Apparently it took me a month to recover.

Instead of trying to go back, I will just begin today.

Our Easter weekend has been lovely. Allen and Peirce have planned for a long time that they'd go to conference to attend the Priesthood session once Peirce turned 12. Uncle Nathan got some tickets to conference so they decided to jump on the opportunity and go. A Boys Club win!

Look at those two handsome guys!! I just love this picture.


Jill and I had our own little Easter dinner for two. Yum!

We even found a few Easter treats. We don't do a lot of treats at Easter in our house, but it's always nice to have a bit of chocolate! Too bad we couldn't get the picture in focus.
Jill and I stayed home and got to watch all four sessions of conference. This is my favorite weekend of the year - especially when things work out so that nothing gets in the way of conference. I find it renewing and relaxing. We had a wonderful weekend!

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