Saturday, 25 June 2016

Day 172 Awards Banquet

We had a good time last night at the NCSA awards banquet. The club has really grown over the last two years and there are some wonderful things going on. 

The banquet was held at The Wild Wild West. It was raining like crazy, which was probably good because it would have been really hot in that tent if it was a regular spring day!

Jill was second place for the aggregate award in her squad.....such a close finish! She was also second for the Timmermans award. If she would have won it would have been a three-peat for her. Saman I won though and that was a great thing. Jill was also recognized for being a national swimmer and Allen and I received a lifetime membership certificate. I think that means they still want us to volunteer even after Jill has graduated. LOL 

Peirce enjoyed visiting with his swimming friends too. He misses them. 

We visited with some great people and really had a great time. 

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