Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 173 Ward Visits

One of the things I am really enjoying about my stake calling is visiting different wards. Today I was in the Chestemere ward. They had a visiting teaching conference. I would have gone just for the brunch (serious...they had a brunch!) but I really enjoyed the program too. 

The theme was "Seeing as the Lord Sees". 

Every place had a little goodie bag with ideas for service inside it along with salt water taffy. The glasses on the table are a sugar cookie.

Center pieces had glasses. They had chips in the table to snack on before the program started.

Becauiful (and delicious!) cupcakes.

The podium even had glasses to remind us of the theme. 

Every presidency has different talents. The RSP in this ward has a catering business, so having brunch seemed obvious for her. I loved it!

The message was wonderful too. They had invited the YW and talked about how VTing is really just about making friends. Their Bishop is Doug Sullivan (and old YSA friend of mine) and he spoke about the parables of the lost sheep. The RSP also did a special musical number called The Woman at the Well. She was quite emotional and the message was really beautiful. A wonderful morning!

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