Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Dinner

After church, we got changed, packed up and headed off to Sparwood. The roads were so so. We just took it a little slower than usual and we we're fine. We had dinner at the Nelsons,  it first we got to Skype Jordan who is on a mission in Guatemala.

Everyone was keen to get in on the conversation. 

He called from the church building, which apparently doesn't have very good wifi. It kept cutting out. He would just call back again. 

It's just about as fun to watch the parents as it is to talk to him.

He wowed us with his Spanish.

Next visit will be on Mother's Day!

Bobby, Jill, Jamie and Peirce just being the cool kids they are. 

Jill has really missed Jamie while she has been living in Edmonton. 

Chico found a quiet spot. 

Trudy Ray, Jean and her husband, Jim. 

Allen and Duane cutting up the HUGE turkey. 

Chico paid close attention. It smelled so good! 

Buffet style. The food was sooooo good! Good job, Gaylene. 

Front: Jamie Ray and Jill
LEft to Right: Bobby, Peirce, Sydney

Ready, set....


The anticipation is always better than the reality. 

Bobby and Sister Barlow learning new Canadian tricks. 

It was a great day. Lots of visiting and lots of laughs. 

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