Friday, 2 December 2016

My Teenagers Rock

When my kids were little I was a little nervous about the teenage years. They were such great little kids and after hearing people's teenager horror stories I wondered what it would be for us. I'm so grateful to say that our teenagers are wonderful people to spend our days with.

Jill is the head of the "gathering committee" in her ward. They have refreshments every.single.week after church and she organises that. It also meant that she was in charge of the food for the Christmas party. I'm so grateful for the opportunities the church gives my kids. I would have never in a million years assigned Jill the job of being in charge of a meal for 100 or so people. She did it though and did a great job.

This is Peirce helping out at the dinner. He made HUGE bowls of whip cream (amongst many other jobs). What a good kid!

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