Sunday, 6 August 2017

Summer Vacation Day 37 of 54 Channeling Abish

Today I went out to the Moroni's Quest site to be part of an activity. It went well. I don't drive off on those roads alone very often  I was glad for a good map app! I missed the entrance and went way too far  but eventually figured it out. It's a beautiful setting. I feel grateful to live in such a beautiful place.    

Sharing the story of Abish was great. They had a big city of sorts set up. All the tribes travelled around to different people. I think I told my story 11 times. I have a greater love for Abish now, that's for sure. All the others were men. They had asked my husband and I to go but he declined. I was actually happy it turned out this way because if I went with him I probably would have been someone's wife without my own name. It satisfied my feminist inner yearnings to some extent. I was proud to be the only female actor for that activity.  

It's quite an undertaking to put something like this on. I'm amazed at it all. And the food!! They are feeding those kids well :) 

I guess early this morning was the reenactment of the Savior visiting the Nephites. A couple people told me about it and they each cried as they talked about it. Our Stake President played the Savior. He hugged everyone of them....long meaningful hugs. I guess it was very powerful. 

Tonight Jill and Allen and I went for a walk along the river. It was some great!

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