Monday, 11 February 2019

The Beginning of Transfer 7/12

Hi everyone! I hope that things are going well at home and that you're all safe and warm! Today we got news about the next transfer and..... I get to train a new missionary! I'll find out what her name is and who she is on Wednesday. It's sad that I won't be with Soeur Olsen for more than a transfer, she's such a great missionary and companion. But at the same time, I'm so excited for this new adventure! My trainer, sister Marteeny, will be training again this transfer so I'm happy we get to do it together! All together, there will be three new missionaries who will be coming from the MTC and they're all from Canada!! 

We spent our p day today packing and moving and cleaning because there are missionaries who are switching apartments 😅😅 We had 18 missionaries there between the temple soeurs and the versailles district so it only took about 3 hours! And now we're going to go treat ourselves and get food together!! We're going to the historic restaurant where I first tried ratatouille. 

The past couple weeks have been hard for us and the people we're teaching so we havent gotten to see them a whole lot. Sometimes that can be discouraging. Missionary work in general can often be discouraging but I've learned over the last month that Heavenly Father has great things in store for us if we have faith. If we can avoid complaining and just keep working hard, there's almost always something waiting on the other side! Like last week, we had a rough night where everyone said no to us all night. We kept trying though, and the very last people we talked to before were turned home were so happy to talk to us and learn about Jesus Christ. That made it all worth it. I know that if you remember that with God anything is possible, keep your hopes up!

Soeur Ackroyd 

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