Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy Birthday? Wait. Happy New Year!!

 Not just a happy birthday, but happy new year!!

Last night my sister came over and we visited for a couple hours, then I went to bed. My family, on the other hand, attempted to stay up all night, I think. It was a rough day for them today. Good thing staying up all night is really only something once a year.

The parties weren't a big hit. Jill went to the YSA dance and she gave it a "meh". Although, she did run into a missionary friend, so that was really fun. Peirce went to a party at a friend's house which ended up not being that fun because they played drinking games and got throw-up drunk. Blech. Tony and Zoe went downtown for dinner and saw fireworks. Their report was the most positive. Allen stayed up for all the reports. Personally, I'm fine waiting until the next day for the updates.

But, the happy birthday part. What is that? Well, thanks to Dale Shoults, we learned that today Allen is 18,000 days old! Isn't that something?! Happy birthday old guy!
My favorite picture of our family
Everything is cuter with Frank!

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