Monday, 18 May 2020

May Long Weekend

We have been quarantining for about 8 weeks now. Every time the weekend rolls around, someone says, "What are we going to do this weekend?" It's getting kind of monotonous because we pretty much stick to our normal routine: a movie or two and maybe a game, if we can talk Allen into it (he's not a huge fan of games).

This weekend we decided to head out to Kanaskis! It was a great day.

At a few stops, Frank had to wait inside the car. He sure keeps an eye on everyone! 


At this stop, Chico didn't really want to walk up the waterfall with everyone. I didn't have the right shoes on either so I stayed in the car with Chico. We happened to be at a University of Calgary station. Imagine having that be your part of your project where you had to stay out in Kanaskis to do your studies. Not a bad life!

We saw gophers, deer, mountain goats and even a black bear!!

On the way home, Peirce did a little geocaching....his furthest geocache discovery yet!

On the way home, even the dogs were tired!

On Monday, Jill and Peirce went out to Kananaskis again and hiked with some friends. 

When they got home, Jill planted some flowers. Can't wait to see them grow! This week we are going to have lots of rain so it shouldn't take too long.

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