Monday, 11 May 2020

Mourning With Those That Mourn, Comforting Those In Need of Comfort

This week in Come Follow Me we are in Mosiah 18. Tonight we had a hands-on activity. LOL (I think teaching strategy planning is taking over my life) 

Our friends, the Payne's lost their dog, Meira. We took them a little aloe vera plant I had re-potted with a message that it will help them with their healing. I think they were surprised and we had a great visit. We sure love them. 

After that Jill and Peirce went to YSA FHE and Allen and I took another plant over to Becky for her birthday. We had another doorstep visit. We sure love those guys too. 

We are blessed. Actually, we are doubly blessed. Jill and Peirce both had to get tested for covid-19. Jill got sent home from work one day last week because she had a sniffle. They are overly cautious, and rightly so. She got word yesterday that she was negative. Peirce was also feeling sick so he got tested on Sunday and heard today. Phew! Negative!

This was Jill's first order of biz when she was sent home. 

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