Saturday, 26 December 2020


Her car had been in for repairs for quite a while and so it also meant we got to drive her to work. It was great because that meant lots of visiting time.

On Christmas Eve, we played games together. Jackbox is a lot of fun!

Allen always likes to take something over to his godchildren, Antonio's boys - and so he dresses up and heads out as Santa. They really love it!

Santa was very good to us this year. Lots of clothes and books and other fun a pie lifter! LOL

We usually have a few extra people for Christmas dinner. I really had to keep reminding myself to make small servings of each dish. Dinner was really great!
Letourneaus gave us some sparkly pear juice! Delicious! I have to remember to guy that kind of stuff.
We also had a zoom call with Grandma (she had spent the day at Brad and Jill's) and Gaylene and Duane (they were in Kelowna with Neil, Rachelle and Jordan....different rules in BC) and Taylor and Britt in Utah as well as Sydney who was in Airdrie at her (drum roll.....) fiance's house, Nathan Muller (son of Becky and Brian Muller!) Who would have thought their kids would get engaged?! It's like a match made in heaven. 

Later in the day we had planned to watch a movie, but the truth was, everyone really just needed a little quiet time - so reading became the focus. It was a wonderful day!

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