Saturday, 3 April 2021

General Conference - Saturday Edition

 I love conference weekend. I sit through all the sessions and write and read and listen and think. I was thinking today that I really don't have to wait for six months for the next one. I could have a deep dive weekend like that any time really. I guess the thing about this weekend though is everyone knows it's conference so they don't expect you to do other things. 

I didn't have a notebook ready so I didn't take notes today. I went and bought myself a new notebook tonight so tomorrow I'll get back on track. I've felt a bit ho hum lately about my scripture study. Perhaps I can turn things up a notch by re-listening and take notes from the Saturday sessions. Jill came over for the afternoon session...and lunch!

Now and then Allen likes to cook. Today was one of those days. He made us grilled cheese sandwiches that were to die for! I had turkey, swiss cheese and cranberry spread. It was a lot of calories....but it sure was good!

He doesn't skimp on the cheese, for sure! There were layers of cheese and turkey. So good!

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