Saturday, 22 December 2007

Family Christmas Party

Tonight was our Hyde family Christmas party. It was a GREAT time. Here is the whole gang.

Gaylene and the great hostess: Aunt Colleen!

Aunt Shirley came even though she had been busy getting Ardell moved that day.

I really should have zoomed in on Garrett since I couldn't get the others to pay attention! LOL

Sorry for surprising you Aunt Marvelle :0)

Brad, Uncle Clifford, and Dustyn, the new car owner! :0)

Kara, Devon and Beth

Gaylene brought a HUGE box of candy and played Boolah Boolah with

the kids...they all STILL like her best :0)

Ashley, Paula, Shirley, Garry and Christopher

Ah yes...the lovely hour of group photos....we all love that. :0)

Heidi and Kara

Dad, pontificating on the all important something or other... :)

The Anderson/Boyer clan getting ready for a group shot

Two of my favorite girls! Taylor and Jill

Good thing Aunt Colleen has a big house! We can sure fill it!

Syd and PJ

Taylor and Dillon....Taylor is a GREAT babysitter!

Jordan and Tanner....waiting waiting waiting for their turn at the Wii

Say cheese Helen!!

Oooh! La! La! Who is that handsome guy??!!

My favorite boy. Peirce! :0)

Ha! I got one of Alissa smiling!! That is not an easy

feat...she loves to play the 'cheat the camera' game

[sigh] and by the end of the night we all end up laughing our head's

off at the antics of Duane.....oh my weak bladder!

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