Thursday, 13 December 2007

Look At What Your Mama Has Done!!

Why oh why have I posted a picture of my toilet??!!

BECAUSE!! You see that yellow flush valve thingy in there?? I just changed that.

The old one wasn't working.

Yesterday I had a plumber come over to fix it. He said, "That'll cost you $300 ma'am."

I told him to go to hell (well, that wasn't exactly what I said)

I figured I'm at least as smart as that guy and that I'd do it myself. It wasn't easy...and it didn't all go smoothly...but I finally did it!! Heck, I might even replace those other brownish colored plastic parts in there! (They're sure ugly, aren't they?!)

If you'll excuse me now I think I'll go flush...just because I can.

1 comment:

The Family Called Hyde said...

WOW You are just about as smart as your mother!!! She solved a "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader"
problem. I gave the problem to all the engineers at Ardell's office and they couldn't come up with the correct answer.

I will forward the problem to you and see if you get the answer.

Love yah.