Friday, 7 December 2007

Flush by Carl Hiaasen

Just finished Flush last night. We're reading this book for the parent/child book club at the library this month.

I've noticed some real trends in the books Jill and I have read lately. There's a real predominance of kids that save the world and solve their problems on their own. When I read this book I had to wonder if reading books helps kids develop more self-esteem and to develop their problem solving skills. The characters in these books are sure confident and resourceful! It's interesting to read these adventures as an adult. It's even more interesting to discuss them with kids. I have no regrets joining the parent/child book club!

Here's the summary from the author's website:

You know it's going to be a rough summer when you spend Father's Day visiting your dad in the local lockup. Noah's dad is sure that the owner of the Coral Queen casino boat is flushing raw sewage into the harbor-which has made taking a dip at the local beach like swimming in a toilet. He can't prove it though, and so he decides that sinking the boat will make an effective statement. Right. The boat is pumped out and back in business within days and Noah's dad is stuck in the clink. Now Noah is determined to succeed where his dad failed. He will prove that the Coral Queen is dumping illegally . . . somehow. His allies may not add up to much-his sister Abbey, an unreformed childhood biter; Lice Peeking, a greedy sot with poor hygiene; Shelly, a bartender and a woman scorned; and a mysterious pirate-but Noah's got a plan to flush this crook out into the open. A plan that should sink the crooked little casino, once and for all.

Turns out he's another author who has a book that was made into a movie. He's also friends with Dave Barry and with Jimmy Buffet. He also has a column that he write for the Miami Herald
Sounds like an interesting guy!

Most interesting of all to me, though, is that last month he wrote a column saying that the issues brought up in Flush actually are happening in Florida!

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