Monday, 19 January 2009

Articles of Faith FHE

I bought one of those books finally with a bunch of pre-made FHE lessons. We used one tonight - and it was GREAT!! It was quick to prepare, looked cute, and was fun!

First we played a game where we had to say the Article of Faith for whichever square we landed on.

Peirce was in charge of treats so after school he and I made sugar cookies. We numbered them 1 to 13 and before you could eat one you had to say the Article of Faith. I found later wen I snuck a couple cookies I only could let myself take the ones that had a number that I knew for sure I could repeat that article of faith.

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Panamenos said...

This is Jenny (Becky's sister!) I put in a search on Google for FHE Article of Faith ideas and your blog came up. :) I love the sugar cookies. We are going to work on learning all of the Articles of Faith as a family...maybe I'll make those cute cookies for a culminating lesson. Which book had that cute game?
Fun to have (re) found your blog through Google. I know I've read it before but it's been awhile.